Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So my mom is on her happy way to Baltimore to visit my sister and her brood (she has 4 kids and a husband, so yeah, brood) and I am left childcare-less until my mother-in-law arrives in a couple hours. Needless to say I haven't been able to actually WORK today. So I decided to clean the house in anticipation of the mother-in-law and oh by the way did I mention her twin sister is coming tomorrow and they're both staying until next Tues?

I vacuum... and then remember my hubby wanted to vacuum the sofa and rotate the cushions. So heck, I say, I can do that now. And the cushions also need to be wiped off because don't you know Alex is cutting another tooth on top of allergies and the clear snot running out of his nose (kind of like the water spouting from the wall this past weekend) just has to be smeared mercilessly over every surface of furniture. The good thing about our furniture is that we got it treated with stuff when we bought it that protects it from pet, food and human (ewww!) stains. So that wiped off fairly well.

BUT - the stuff I found IN the sofa... that was GROSS. I found raisins of plenty - of which Alex snagged one before I could stop him - another gross. I found goldfish. I found little plastic firemen from Brandon's firestation and little parts for the firetruck. I found matchbox cars. I found a train. And wait for it... I found a used nursing pad tucked way down deep. Are you kidding me? I haven't nursed Alex in 5 months and I haven't worn a nursing pad in I don't even want to say how long. Blech. I'm surprised we didn't have creatures lurking in there too. If you're not family and you have sat on my sofa recently, I apologize profusely for the clear and present danger you put yourself in.

Anyways - here are my kids trying so hard to "help" me with the sofa.



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