Friday, April 24, 2009

Rock On, Rock On With a Fashionable Frown...

... Rock On, Rock On... Spread the Love Around.

I think I've listened to Ben Folds' new album like 8 times this week. Good stuff.

We just had a great visit with Daddy Melee and rocked Rock Band for a while. I missed Maria though. I remembered the last time I saw you guys was at that Italian restaurant at the mall in Gainesville right when George graduated with his Masters and you were about to leave for the Tampa area. George said the restaurant was no longer in business and that made me sad. I miss Gainesville. A lot. I'm such a sap.

Brandon has been doing a lot of self-discovery. I. was. not. prepared for this so soon! I didn't think that happened to 3 year old boys. I thought it was like 13. Crap. The other day my husband walked out from our bedroom to find Brandon standing on the sofa with his pants around his knees, joyfully screaming "Look Daddy! My PENIS GOT BIGGER! It's real big now!" Holy God... And then a couple days later I went in to his room to tuck him in to bed and kiss him goodnight. When he moved to a regular bed I started to lay down next to him, to chat about the day for a few minutes, go over good behavior and all that, you know... just chill. But this night was not like normal nights. I laid down on the bed next to him and started to scoop him up for a snuggle and then I felt that he had no pants on... and was bigger again. I jumped out of bed so fast because... that just did not feel right. I know it was completely innocent but if that never happens again, I'm waaaaay ok with it. I guess now that the shock has worn off I am getting used to finding him walking around with one hand down his pants. As used to it as I think I'll ever get that is...


averygoodyear April 25, 2009 at 11:55 AM  

Oh my gosh. How awkward would that be? hehe. I remember my little brother running out of his bath into the living room where my sister, mom & I were. He'd be totally naked, shake his wiener around, giggle like a demon, and go racing off through the house as my mom chased him. Boys are weird! ;)