Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Design on a Dime

So I just spent like most of today re-designing this blog and my kiddos' blogs. If you read me in a reader then click out of it for a sec and let me know what you think. I started something yesterday and scrapped it and then re-did it again today. At the top there are links to my kids and other things that I like. I'm totally digging this.

And I am actually caught up with the boys' sites now too. I was three months behind on posting about them. Luckily we keep a calendar in our Google Calendars and jot down things when they occur. That with the timestamps on photos makes it pretty easy for me to catch up. Anyways - I started their blogs when they were born and they have served as a baby book because I didn't really write in the actual baby books here in the house. My goal one day is to "slurp" them in to a Blurb book, print them and keep them as their books. One day I'll have the time and energy to do that too.

I am getting sick. And that sucks. Woke up with a wicked sore throat and am hating on it even now.

In great news - our friends the Worcesters are coming to visit this weekend. Something Eryn and I have planned for like two months. This weekend was the only time our schedules synced, which is scary. Luckily too the Laffeys will be able to come over and we'll have a romping good ol' Cypress reunion of sorts. (explanation: Cypress was the name of the karate school we all came from in Gainesville.) I absolutely can not wait to see my friends.


Karen May 13, 2009 at 3:04 PM  

I follow you on Google reader ;) I like the look of your blog...now if only i could get mine to look so nice!