Monday, June 22, 2009

What up?

So I totally missed Girl Talk Thursday last week. I was sad but I forgot Thursday and didn't have any time because...

We went to Myrtle Beach, SC this weekend without the kids! Holy crap. It was just one night (damn hotels are expensive) but it was great. Our friends Ty & Ryan got married and it was a perfect opportunity for us to travel and leave them. I have not had a night's sleep without a baby monitor or a baby attached to me in 3.5 years. It was time. Guess who still woke up out of habit at 6:15am though? That would be me, party of one, cuz hubby didn't wake up until 7:30 I think.

The wedding was awesome. Even sitting at a table with a Georgia Bulldog! She was way cool but with the exception of her fiancé we were all GATORS. We laughed at her expense. A LOT. Luckily she was one awesome and rolled with the punches. I can now say I like two people who are Bulldog fans. I can't say the same for Tennessee or some other SEC colleges. :)

I forgot how easy it was to travel without kids. Lunch, both days, took less than an hour. In January when we took a road trip it was 1.5 hours each day. Extra potty break stops, longer everything. It never seems bad at the time so that's good, but yeah, traveling just us was easy. Let me tell you though, every time some asshole tailgated us or zoomed in to spaces there was no room for and caused a chain reaction of brake tapping, I cringed inwardly. I was, just a little bit, worried about accidents and whatnot and not making it home to my kids. I'm such a worrier. Never did I worry about the kids, I worried about not making it home to the kids. Ugh.

In other news there will be no monumental medical journal entry with my name (or a name I chose, like Messponential!) next to a newly discovered benign tumor. Alas, the full panel of biopsy screens came back, all negative (whew!) and what I have is a fibroadipose tissue growth. Normal. Boring. Nothing noteworthy. Right now I'm scheduled to have it removed July 2nd. I do not like the nurse I've had to deal with to schedule the damn thing either. Once it's removed and the doctor did his job well, I'm gonna let him know that she needs to work on her bedside manor. I have a right to ask about the procedure and to be involved in decisions about it too.

Yesterday when we were driving we had a conversation that I immediately followed up with "wow, that's blog fodder." I don't remember it now. But I guarantee it was funny. I've sat here for 15 minutes waiting to write this last paragraph... and in the deep recesses of my memory all I hear is... (cricket)... (cricket)...


VERNACULAR June 29, 2009 at 6:35 PM  

A happy mini-vacation!

There are definitely times that boring is good.

I know what you mean about having an experience that you can see in writing as you're having it, so you through it on the compost heap so that something can germinate for later, and then you return, and the worms took it away. I need a little notebook again.

(My word verification is oventin; I think that blogger is trying to taunt me.)

VERNACULAR June 29, 2009 at 6:36 PM  

And by through, I mean throw.
I cannot stand my own spelling mishaps.