Thursday, July 2, 2009

Shoo Fly, Don't Bother Me

Ok so this week's Girl Talk Thursday (by Mommy Melee <-- she rocks) is about shoes.

Shoes in general are wasted on me. I love to be barefoot, especially in the summer and in the winter I don bright, colorful, fuzzy, warm socks. That's just me.

For special occasions I had a few dress shoes, nothing that would make you stop and look at my feet, some cute strappy sandals in various colors that sadly, didn't fit me anymore after two pregnancies. I recently gave these classics to my mom and will have to go shoe shopping for something for the next big event. My shoe shopping trip will invariably take me to Rack Room, Payless, JCPenney and if those don't work some other generally inexpensive shoe shop. I just don't really care to spend a lot of money on shoes I will wear once or twice.

For work I wear black or brown wedge, open toe, sandals. I love them but they are more about comfort that fashion, despite being cute. In the winter I have brown and black low rise, heeled boots. Luckily I don't go in to an office much anymore so I don't wear these that often.

Where I spend my money on shoes is running shoes and Birkenstocks. I don't mind spending over $100 on decent running shoes. I have so many joint problems that good support and structure in the shoe is really important to me. My current running shoes are also purple and silver and I.LOVE.THEM.

I also don't mind spending $100 on Birkenstocks. Putting on my Birks is like going barefoot to me. They are natural, they fit my foot and provide good arch support and they are seriously my shoe of choice for everything. I do try not to wear them in the rain since they are leather and cork but it happens.

With running shoes I usually get a pair every year, and every other year with my Birks so yeah, I'm not really investing a ton of money in shoes when it all comes down to it.

The other shoe I've begun to love, despite the raging war of "who cares if your feet are comfortable, they're butt ugly," is Crocs.Dude, they are comfortable! And completely awesome in Florida. I wear them on rainy days. I wear them to the beach. I wear them in the yard with the kids. We take walks in them. They are awesome. I pulled the heel straps off my mary jane type Crocs and I love them even more now as slip ons. I want to get a pair of flip-flop Crocs when we eventually make it to the St. Augustine Outlets. The other great use for them, airports. You have to take your shoes off and have them scanned, right? And need something easy to put back on that you can walk a lot in... these things fit the bill. So get over the ugly factor if you're on that bandwagon and slip them on. You won't regret it and the price is awesome. They are also making some really, really cute ones, dressy and strappy and all the same comfortable awesomeness.

So I fail in the girl category for shoes. I want comfort more than fashion so I don't bother looking for much else.


Unknown July 2, 2009 at 11:05 AM  

wow, they still make Birks? ;)

JosiahsMommy July 3, 2009 at 2:31 AM  

I used to be a huge shoe girl, but lately I'm with you! Comfort and bare feet. Woohoo!

Anonymous July 3, 2009 at 3:17 PM  

I'm still on the fence about the Crocs. People tell me they are ugly and I shouldn't covet them, but some of the styles are actually cute. Plus, they're made out of antimicrobial materials and I work in a hospital!

Yay, shoes!