Thursday, August 13, 2009

Shower Power

Ok so my shower routine for this week's Girl Talk Thursday...

First - if I don't shower in the morning I do not feel fully awake until... well, I don't know if I ever feel fully awake. I just feel gross.

I prefer to get my shower first even if it means I have to get up earlier than everyone else to do it. Case in point: on my sister's wedding day she planned to wake up at 6:00 (think, could been 5:30) and shower. It was her right to shower when she chose and decide the schedule. So I got up 45 minutes earlier and showered before her, leaving enough time for her to have the hot water tank filled back up again for her.

My shower must be completed in the correct order or I may fail to wash a body part. (See Quirkiness) Shampoo & conditioner, shave (unless I have goosebumps, I will not shave my legs if I have goosebumps), wash body, wash face, rinse conditioner, stand there wondering if I forgot anything, soak up the hot water, pray my chattering 3yo on the other side of the shower curtain will give me privacy and quiet for just a few more minutes (yes, he always gets up and comes in to the bathroom while I am showering every week day)...

After the shower it's dry off and get dressed. Usually it's back in to my pajamas but with clean underwear. Yes everyone. I aim low here. But I got in to this routine of not putting on clothes for the day when I was breastfeeding my first son. Inevitably he'd need to nurse and would spit up on my clothes and I'd just have to change again. It's hard enough to find something nice for work that fits me and is clean so why should I be setting myself up for failure here? Plus if I was going to have to sit or lay down on the sofa to feed him, well I might as well be comfy. But yo, all hail for the clean undies, please. It makes me feel like I'm not a slug and am all sorts of dignified. Dignified wearing my pajamas at the beginning of the day, after showering..

Then it's on to the rest. Put contacts in, brush my teeth, examine my face, inwardly cry, moisturize and later some natural mineral powder, chapstick, deodorant and body spray. Body spray, despite not always leaving my home, is just as essential as clean undies. It's all about feeling fresh.

I sound like a commercial for Summer's Eve.

I will shower twice a day if when I workout later. The second shower is done without the shaving or the brain fog part. It's much faster. If I shower at the gym I will take an extra 5 minutes of standing under the hot water just because it's not my hot water bill.

Most days this all takes me 20 minutes. 10-15 minutes to shower (if I had more time, I'd take it) and then 5-10 for the rest of it.

Rinse. Repeat.


Diane August 14, 2009 at 8:08 AM  

I'm the same way about the goosebumps and shaving. I hate when I get them right AFTER I shave. Sometimes it makes it feel like I didn't really shave at all!

Maria Melee August 16, 2009 at 1:20 PM  

I love shaving with goosbumps. Makes for a closer shave ha.

Contacts BEFORE shower for me, always. Cause I'm blind.

I'm impressed at your cleanly habits.

Also, S hasn't figured out how to open doors yet. So I usually get privacy.