Thursday, December 10, 2009

Looking for Signs

I was listening to public radio this morning and I'm not sure if it was a local segment or an NPR segment. But the story was about a farmer who reported a cow was born with a perfect cross on its forehead and that the children named it Moses. There was even a joke about it being a "Holy Cow." (insert groan) The farmer is reported to have said "He believes it is a sign from God but isn't sure yet what that sign means."


I am so tired of hearing these stories. Why are people so busy looking for God in burnt toast or cheetos, on cow foreheads and other ridiculous places?

If you believe in God, look around you. Look at the trees outside, the grass, the flowers the bloom in spring. Watch a sunrise or sunset. Turn off your TV, open your windows and listen to the wind blow and the animals chatter. Look at your parents, look at your children, think of all your loved ones. Appreciate what is around you, the beauty of the world and life that we take for granted. If you have faith, then God is in those things every day and you don't need random pieces of food or natural genetic markings to prove the existence of something you already believe. The people who don't have faith like you, well, they see food. Or spots.