Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cozy Nests and a Moon over Miami

Little Bear has been "nesting" lately. He has been bringing more stuffed animals in to his bed at night and also making a little circle around him as he sleeps with his animals, blankets and pillow. A couple nights ago Hubs had to go to his room in the middle of the night and ended up sleeping on the floor for an hour to keep from picking Bear up (because then the likelihood of Bear returning to his own bed at that point is slim). Well the next day at nap time I heard Bear grunting and whining for a while. After about 10 minutes he settled down and when I went in to get him up later I discovered that he got out of bed and dragged his Daddy's big sofa blanket that was still on the floor in to his crib with him to sleep. I had to laugh because the day before at my mother's she woke him from his nap to discover that he had found the stuffed cat door stop in the room and dragged it in to his bed to snuggle. The cat shaped door stop. It's a brick, covered in pillow material and fabric to look like a cat. My Bear snuggled a brick. And it was cozy.


Hubs is on a work trip this week in Miami. He's never been away from the boys like this before so explaining to them where he was going was interesting. This is part of the conversation that I had with my 4 year old Bug this morning at breakfast.

Bug: Where is Daddy going?
Me: To Miami for work.
Bug: Your Hammy?
Me: No to Miami. It's a city, like Jacksonville. It's called Miami.
Bug: His Hammy? Not Your Hammy?
Me: No honey it's not his or mine, it's called Miami, it's a city.
Bug: I don't understand.
Me: I know, it's ok.

Tonight he talked to his Daddy on the phone to say goodnight. And he said "Daddy are you in Your Hammy? Do you have to work in Your Hammy tomorrow?"

I feel like I'm in a sitcom.

Enjoy your few nights of quiet, uninterrupted sleep Dear Hubs.