Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cough, Cough, Hi, Cough

Um, Hey.

How's it going?

I am keenly aware that it's been almost three weeks since I wrote on some topic in my brain. I have a lot of topics in my brain too.

In the past almost three weeks my computer died. DIED. The harddrive had over 200 bad sectors just like that. There was no warning, no signs of distress, nothing. One minute I am working, the next I go tuck my darling boys in bed and I return to find a message that says "Hey, screw you but there's no operating system installed on this drive anywhere, do you want to reformat?" UM HELL NO. But see I think my Grandma Jeanne has been looking out for me because I had a spare laptop hard drive that still and Windows on it, and I had an external case with a USB cable and somehow out of sheer brilliance I recovered all of the important data on that piece of crap dead drive (you know, PHOTOS of my boys) through magical free software* with a really dumb name. (That software really was magical and wonderful. No sarcasm there.)

I only had two panic attacks in the 48 hours it took to "Recuva" my data, figure out the RMA process, and ship the drive in all its paperweightness glory back off to Seagate. The new (cough-refurbished-cough) drive should be here tomorrow.

No, I do not need to get a Mac.

After that I got ridiculously busy with work even though my boss still doesn't believe I put in a full work week. Ahem... read: frustration.

Then I got focused on my running because I ran in the country's largest 15K last weekend, Jacksonville's Gate River Run. I'll post about that soon because I have a story that involves three really awesome girlfriends who have kept me motivated to run over the past 15 years. And they deserve some credit for being awesome. Plus I ran a lot better than last year. Oh and there were Olympic runners there! That was cool. The girl who won the women's division also could have run the race TWICE before I finished my course, but hey, whatever, she gets paid to run and I cram it in whenever I can.

Hubs also just got back from a business trip that involved snowboarding in Vail. Nice, no? I may or may not have purchased three new movies to help me entertain the boys all weekend too, plus new coloring books, plus a new action figure hero each. Um, yeah, winning the parenting awesomeness award right here please... Anyways I really missed my husband and the highlight of his absence was the webcam call we did one night with the boys. Hearing those kids laugh so hard at Daddy's antics was heartwarming. It was also charmingly adorable when Bug broke down in soul-wracking sobs when the call was over, wailing that he missed his Daddy and couldn't Daddy just come home now and play Batman Legos on the xBox with him? Moments like these are reasons why I fall in love all over again with my husband and family and the life we've built.

So pardon the dust settling in around here. It fits in well with the bunnies residing in my home too. Spring is around the corner though and there is a cleaning frenzy on the horizon.

*The magical free software creator did not pay me, nor give my any incentive other than being awesome and recovering my data, to give them a plug in the mess here.