Thursday, May 27, 2010

Books, Books, Books

Do you read?

What are your favorite novels?

I love to read. There have been periods of my life when I have done nothing but read. As a kid and teenager I brought books with me everywhere. Going to the store with my mom? Well that was 10 more minutes in the car where I could read, and then 10 more minutes going home. Those were the days of Nancy Drew and Sweet Valley High, Danielle Steele and The Babysitters Club. (Dear Lord the things that Girl Talk Thursday makes me admit publicly!)

Thankfully for my brain and unrealistic views on romance I was introduced to Sci-fi and Fantasy very early in college. And I couldn't put them down.

I read the first six books of The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordon back to back. I loved them. By book seven I was completely lost with the bowl of winds or something like that and I ended up giving up the series. I have always said though if he finishes the series I'd read it all. We'll see. You know, in my spare time.

Some of my favs:

Orson Scott Card - I first read Ender's Game. Then the entire Ender's Series. The Alvin Maker and Bean (Ender's Shadow) books. I loved them.

Robin Hobb - Have you read the Farseer Trilogy? Then it goes straight in to the spin off trilogy about the Tawny Man. Beautiful, tragic books. Her later series for The Liveship Traders and Solider's Son were very hard for me to get in to. But I pushed through because I loved her other books. Normally it takes me about 50 pages to become attached to a story. These two series took well over 100 and sometimes I had to re-read chapters and push, push, push myself to continue. In both cases I was happy I did. But if you read this author, don't start with Liveship Traders or the Solider's Son.

The Ender's books, the Liveship Traders, and the Solider's Son completely ruined Avatar for me by the way. I liked the movie but the story wasn't extremely original.

The Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny. I need to read these again.

My current favorite author and series is George R.R. Martin and A Song of Fire and Ice. This series is tight. It's compelling, creative, gritty, and Good Lord do not get attached to anyone. He has no problem killing off characters you think are, like, kind of important. It's epic high fantasy. And I have read the published books all two to three times each. I am anxiously (ANXIOUSLY) waiting for the next book, A Dance with Dragons. So anxious I follow his blog and read all his stuff about NFL football and other books he's writing, all the while wanting to comment and be like "DUDE STOP WRITING OTHER BOOKS AND FINISH THIS SERIES BEFORE YOU DIE AND RUIN MY IMAGINATION." I don't comment. But I want to comment. And if you like strategy board games there is an awesome, AWESOME - YES, THANK YOU I AM ADMITTING THIS TOO - board game based on the series that is so great I want to read the books again every time we play because it makes sense, it brings the story to life and OMG, I love it. (breathe)

Other books I've read and loved and worn out reading many times are:

Not Without My Daughter, the story of an American woman who married an Iranian, went to Iran to visit his family with him, and was held hostage for years before escaping through the mountains to Turkey in the dead of night with her young daughter.

Gone With the Wind and Scarlett. Yup. I'd read them again too.

In to Thin Air A heart wrenching true story about the Mt. Everest disaster. I cried.

Right now I'm in a lull for reading. The most time I make for reading is opening up my Google Reader and scrolling through my blogs. Then I hit CNN and a few other news sites and that's about it. I have two books on my nightstand that I want to read and am looking forward to a couple upcoming plane rides to dive in. The first is probably boring to most and is a book about improving your running without injury. The second is Wicked. Yes I love that play/music so much that I want to read the series.

No I have not read any Twilight Books. Yes I loved the Harry Potter books.

Hubs sort of laughs at me now. He introduces me to books (many more than mentioned here) and I end up reading the entire series before he does.

I need to read more. I love getting lost in a story. I love putting a book down and wondering what will happen when I sit down to read again. I love a satisfying ending to a well written, thoughtful series. I love discussing books.

I need to read more.

Do you?