Saturday, May 29, 2010

Clearly I am doing something right... RIGHT?!

Earlier this week I noticed a new movie show up on the Netflix instant queue, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. This is a favorite book in our house so I thought it'd be fun to have another family movie night (or afternoon) watching this movie together. To prepare, we convinced Bug to EAT spaghetti for lunch (you know, my picky eater agreeing to TRY something in order to watch a movie was incredibly awesome!). So I started rummaging around in the pantry and somehow managed to knock over the box of orzo I had in there. It was closed but didn't seem to want to STAY closed as it tumbled from my shelf to floor.

Meanwhile I have water about to boil on the stove. Oh and then Bear decides to RUN THROUGH IT.

So I find the spaghetti, throw it in the pot and get out the vacuum cleaner. This caused my Bear to run up and say "I DO IT!"

You want to vacuum kid?

Let me think about that for a second.


(Ignore the bottom shelf. Note the Orzo box where it landed, upright, damn it. And that Tassimo box covered in Orzo is where I keep the coffee discs. The actual coffee maker is on the counter, thank you.)

(Picking up one piece of Orzo at a time and feeding it to the vacuum cleaner is a totally efficient way to clean up the mess. Totally.)

(Note Optimus Prime supervising the cleanup, ensuring my Dyson was not an evil Decepticon. So glad he had our backs.)

I made sure, you know, Bear didn't stick the end up to his eyeball or anything.