Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Week

I didn't feel like posting for Girl Talk Thursday this week. It was prom week and I just wasn't in the mood. Not because prom was good or bad. It just was. And The only thing I remember really about that night was a gazillion people crashing in one tiny hotel room and then getting up really stupid early and eating breakfast at IHop.

So there isn't really anything more to say about that.

The thing that got me most though was that Wednesday night late, after I hit the send button on a final email with the last report of the day, to my boss, I got an email from him. An email that told me his 34 year old son had died suddenly that evening from a blood clot. I tiny little blob of blood after a relatively routine and easy surgery on his leg to repair a ligament or tendon or something like that.

This gets to me. My boss is difficult to work for - he's always in business mode and rarely satisfied with things even when they are perfect. But he's a nice man. And if you ever heard him talk about his son and his grandchildren, well, you know he loves them dearly.

I can go down a hundred dark paths of thought. His son was 34. Hubs is 34. He had two boys, 5 and 3. Our boys are 4 and 2. His wife stayed at home. I work at home, not really the same thing but certainly I am not the bread winner and if anything happened to Hubs - I'd have to scramble so much it's not even funny. My boss and his wife are my parents' ages. They have to bury their son, their grown son on Monday. The day after Mother's Day.

That sucks.

So as much as I complain about how undervalued I feel at work, I wouldn't wish this on anyone. I have no words of condolences I can offer that feel appropriate. It makes absolutely no sense to me.

So keep their family in your thoughts please. There is a long road ahead.