Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I want a 100%

Have you aligned with a percent? Are you a 99% leaner? A 53% leaner? Neither? BOTH? (You can be both you know, it's POSSIBLE.) Are you excited that people are remembering their roots and fighting for the very truths this country once held to be self evident?

Or are you one of those people with your head so far up your own ass that you think you *made it* all by your own self, with no help, support, nor love from others? Do you think you're special? Do you think you are the only person working hard, trying hard, and living life? Are you a better human because you've kept your head above water? Clearly you have grown a huge pair of balls. How about your grow a warm, beating heart now?

*I* am in the 53%. I work hard. I pay my taxes. I do not carry bad debt.

*I* am in the 99%. I work hard. I pay my taxes. I do not carry bad debt.

I am doing ok right now. Now. Probably tomorrow too. I think I am lucky, fortunate, blessed.

BUT, I believe that others are struggling. I believe some people make the best choices they can but still hurt sometimes. I DON'T believe that those people are lazy, terrible, sacks of shit that don't deserve to live or breathe the same air as me. I believe in being as fair as possible - but when things aren't going to be fair, I believe in supporting the underdog, the weak, the down trodden and the poor. Yes, some people will abuse the system. It will happen. But do you want to talk about the people working the system of welfare when there are people working the tax system too?

What if *I* was in the 47%? What if *I* needed help? Would you, my friends, cast me off because another person maybe could have, kind have tried a little harder? I believe there is a better life for everyone if we stand together, united with a common purpose of decency, respect and kindness.

Do you ever ask yourself these questions? Do you consider that some day *you* might need help, patience, support or respect for no other reason than because you are alive, human, and maybe a little lost?

*I* am human. I have hopes. I have dreams. I work. I care. I love. I try to remember every day that I am no better than anyone else. I make mistakes. I am a work in progress, and I didn't get here by myself.

I want there to be a 100%. 100% decency. 100% happy. 100% successful. 100% compassionate. 100% human; the good kind of human though.

We can all be united or untied. It only matters where you put your *I.*