Thursday, April 30, 2009

$50 Guilt Free Spending

In my debut post for Girl Talk Thursday I have nothing interesting to write about! What would I spend $50 on guilt free? I have been thinking about this all day and still, I'm reaching for ideas. My birthday is next Monday and I have no idea what to tell my family for ideas either. I'm lucky that I have everything I need I guess.

I am a bag girl. I LOVE bags. So I guess my first answer would be a new Vera Bradley bag of some sort. I'm not partial to any colors or size but I will add that it has to have two straps and not just one.

Dinner out at someplace like The Melting Pot. I'm not sure if the $50 would cover the meal but it'd cover 5 hours of babysitting. FTW.

Oooh, I know. I would go get a manicure/pedicure and I'd pay for the more expensive option where they rub your legs and feet with sea salt and delicious smelling oils for like 20 minutes. Or maybe a 30 minute hot stone facial... yeah either of those things would be great.

Maybe I'd get my legs waxed... maybe not.

I'm all with MommyMelee for the art of therapy shopping. Sometimes you just have to buy yourself something, a little reward for doing a good job at work, or a "congrats, you made it through the week" type of thing. I am a Consumerist. I like my stuff, my earthy, Taurus make-me-feel-grounded stuff I can put my hands on and say "it's mine precious." I just can't think of anything I really, really want right now!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spread the Sunshine

One of the few downers of living in Florida is the inability for overweight people like me to hide in sweatshirts and fat pants well in to the summer. Well, at least in public. I wear my sweats and yoga pants at home, especially the high school freshman field hockey sweatshirt that is ratty, worn and LOVED. Hubby hates it. I love it.

I went to Target today. As I walked to the back of the store to find my treasure I happened past the ladies' section and noticed a sign for tshirts that were labeled as "tissue quality material." TISSUE QUALITY!? I laughed out loud. I should have taken a picture. I mean seriously, clothes are getting thinner and thinner these days and those cheap tissue shirts DO NOT HIDE my lumps. I hate them for being so damn cute (the shirts, not the lumps) and I am pissed at myself for being THAT person who hasn't lost the baby weight. Damn. But, I was so happy to see a label that actually, truly, 100% described the piece of crap on the shelf.

I was quite pleased with myself that I left Target 10 minutes after I arrived with only the thing that I went in to buy. Amazing. I did not get sucked in. I did not go to the baby clothes or toy section. I did not walk around. I consider this my coup d'etat for the week.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday - It's only Tuesday.

So... I bit the bullet and signed up for Twitter. My username is Messponential. I don't get it yet, honestly. And I'm such a Facebook girl so it's going to be interesting how this catches on for me. I had to send an IM to Mommy Melee today to ask what the heck @ replies and hashtags were. I'm completely computer friendly (geeked out) but yeah, I just didn't get it. I'm kind of excited though.

In other news we saw Wicked this weekend. And it was AWESOME!!! Holy crap I love the theater. I love live performances like it's nobody's business. Same with live sports events. There's an electricity in the air that just charges me. Anyways - I highly recommend the show if it tours to your area.

My Bear has suddenly developed a strong, loud, fear of the bath. I'm not sure what's going on so any suggestions on easing him back in there are encouraged. He had that horrible butt rash that flairs up when he's teething last week and I'm wondering if the bath he had the night it flaired up hurt him. Whether the water was too hot on the sores or maybe he got scared that night, I don't know. But he screams now and will not, WILL NOT, sit down. It's frustrating because he loved the bath before. He'd race his brother to get in. I feel so bad for him. I wonder if he thinks we're torturing him... which makes me feel even worse. I spent about 20 minutes with him after the bath playing peek-a-book from under a blanket. He thought that was great, especially pulling the blanket off my head. I lost a lot of hair in the process but he laughed hysterically and that made it worth it.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


We went to the beach this morning for a few hours. It was awesome despite lugging all the kid gear, umbrellas, chairs and food with us. I can't wait to go back because the boys are at such awesome ages for fun and games. I am especially thankful for the fat woman in a bikini on the beach today. I was feeling horrible this morning about putting on a bathing suit and lady, you just made me feel SO much better. (This is my non-Zen-ness - I am so mean.)

To lighten the mood - here are my darlings - all sweaty and sandy and happy.



To lighten the mood further - my clothes still smell like men's cologne.

Thanks to everyone who is reading this and has commented! :)
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Friday, April 24, 2009

Rock On, Rock On With a Fashionable Frown...

... Rock On, Rock On... Spread the Love Around.

I think I've listened to Ben Folds' new album like 8 times this week. Good stuff.

We just had a great visit with Daddy Melee and rocked Rock Band for a while. I missed Maria though. I remembered the last time I saw you guys was at that Italian restaurant at the mall in Gainesville right when George graduated with his Masters and you were about to leave for the Tampa area. George said the restaurant was no longer in business and that made me sad. I miss Gainesville. A lot. I'm such a sap.

Brandon has been doing a lot of self-discovery. I. was. not. prepared for this so soon! I didn't think that happened to 3 year old boys. I thought it was like 13. Crap. The other day my husband walked out from our bedroom to find Brandon standing on the sofa with his pants around his knees, joyfully screaming "Look Daddy! My PENIS GOT BIGGER! It's real big now!" Holy God... And then a couple days later I went in to his room to tuck him in to bed and kiss him goodnight. When he moved to a regular bed I started to lay down next to him, to chat about the day for a few minutes, go over good behavior and all that, you know... just chill. But this night was not like normal nights. I laid down on the bed next to him and started to scoop him up for a snuggle and then I felt that he had no pants on... and was bigger again. I jumped out of bed so fast because... that just did not feel right. I know it was completely innocent but if that never happens again, I'm waaaaay ok with it. I guess now that the shock has worn off I am getting used to finding him walking around with one hand down his pants. As used to it as I think I'll ever get that is...

You Didn't Contribute

Have you ever had someone tell you something about your child that you found downright rude?

A couple years ago my Bug Brandon was looking more like his Daddy than me. (Not so anymore.) And a quasi-friend of mine was remarking at the resemblance. Then she said "Oh well you didn't contribute at all." Now I am pretty sure she was just joking around but seriously? I DIDN'T CONTRIBUTE? From a women who has not yet borne a child I was like "I carried him for nine months, agonized when his twin died inside me, I contributed plenty chick-a-dee. I spent hours in Physical Therapy. I nursed him. I didn't sleep for him. Just because he doesn't look just like me doesn't mean I didn't contribute. To this day I really don't understand why this still bothers me. I mean seriously, who cares? She was kidding, I think, and I know what I did to bring him in to this world, given the stress of my first pregnancy. But Girl... that was wrong.

What about you? Has anyone ever mad an offhand comment to you about you or your child that just irritated the crap out of you?

Deal Sharing

Here are a few good deals I found this morning.

Babies "R" Us coupon - $5 off $25 purchase

The Children's Place - Spring Sale + extra 40% off sale

Bath & Body Works coupon - Signature Collection Buy 3, Get 3 Free, more (V! Time to shop and stock up again!)

Have you all heard of Buxr? At Christmas time last year this site saved me about a hundred dollars from coupons I printed and brought to the store.

How many of you are fans of Michaels, JoAnns and Hobby Lobby too? Sign up for all their online newsletters and they send you weekly coupons via email. The great thing too is that all the stores accept each other's coupons. So I print each one out before heading to just one store and I save oodles. LOVE IT. Sometimes when I want to share the love I'll print a couple extras and randomly hand them out in the stores.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Window Shopping

I just watched Grey's Anatomy and I cried. My bleeding heart cries pretty much every time I watch a child die. And I sit here tonight and think of my children. I think of my dear friend Ludivine and her daughter Josephine. And I. just. breathe. Sometimes it's too much and it spills over and I cry and I remember and I breathe and I move on, but I don't forget.

The thing I love about movies and TV Shows and now this whole blog world is the ability for me to window shop my emotions and get an idea about how I will handle one of the many situations on the silver or LCD screens. A lot of people don't like that TV shows present problems and then wrap it up in 30 minutes, or maybe spread it out across a few episodes. That's the beauty of it. Sure it's pat and perfect and isn't it convenient that that character you so identify with just happens to have the EXACT CORRECT thing to say at the EXACT PERFECT time? (crap) But as silly and contrived as TV shows and movies are, they teach us about ourselves. We'd be remiss if we didn't take the opportunity to let ourselves let go, to break down and feel, to breathe. My God if we can't do that in our own living rooms where else will we ever be able to do it? Oh there's so much more to TV/movies - the exposure to different ideas, philosophies, entertainments, personas... I get it. - I get that I'm a dork for philosophizing on television and Hollywood. But seriously, I'm right.

I'm finding the blog world to affect me differently. It's different. It's real. But it's still the same. We sit here and write about ourselves and our opinions and someone out there reads it while we window shop another life at the same time. But we learn. We experience.

I hope I gain perspective and grow my mind throughout this whole writing thing. I want to read blogs from people who don't agree with me. I hope to make someone who doesn't agree with me think differently. I want to grow this thing called humanity. I want to look past our differences, to celebrate them and cherish them, and to tolerate them. Tolerance. We need more of that. Our hearts all beat the same you know.

Speaking of hearts - my mad love to Maria at Mommy Melee. Girl - I pushed you when you were in my class. I know I pushed you. But... You. Were. Good. GOOD. BELIEVE ME. I've taught hundreds of students. I know. I can see potential for greatness. And even though you never went father down the Cuong Nhu path - I was right, way back then (my God, 10 years now?), about your potential. I am so happy to be back in touch with you. And I'm just as proud of you now as I was when you got your first green stripe and didn't pass out at the test.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nothing to Cry Over

This morning I had to refill the Qtip jar. I opened the child safety latch from the cabinet under the bathroom sink and got the box out. I filled the jar and put the box back in the cabinet. I pulled my hand out and... whack. I tipped a bottle of my hubby's cologne and it falls, falls, falls on to the tile floor and CRACK, breaks and spills it EVERYWHERE. I cleaned it up but the bathroom will smell like a hot sexy man for a week I think.

Later in the day I wash the towel I used to clean up the spill. And for kicks I throw in some of my dark wash with it because hey, I'm trying to be an environmentalist (snort) and not do a load of laundry with only one freaking towel. When the machine stops and beeps at me I go to put it in the dryer... and the load freaking smells like the cologne. !$%!#!! I do the wash again (ha, environmentalist) but this time use hot water, color safe bleach and scented fabric softener. The load is now drying. It still smells like cologne.

Earlier I put the clean dishes from the dishwasher away and discovered that I put away an entire pitcher of water on Sunday night. You know those pitchers I filled up with water when we had that freaking plumbing problem. It was the top shelf of a cabinet. I didn't even notice.

Tonight, about 30 minutes ago I decided to drink a glass of milk. I selected a plastic Gator cup, filled it 2/3 full and put the milk away. Then I reached for my cup and... whack, I knocked it, it falls and spills all over the counter and floor I already cleaned up today in anticipation of the guests staying at my house.

It was just spilled milk. I didn't cry... outwardly.


Weight Loss Day from Hell

I am HUNGRY today. HUNGRY. We worked out at the gym last night. Today, I am starving. I freaking hate Weight Watchers today.

For anyone on the plan (fancy word for diet), have you heard of Dotti's Weight Loss Zone? The "beauty" of Weight Watchers it that you are supposed to be able to eat what you want and just figure out the POINTS total. But if you look up your favorite restaurant foods well guess what? Weight Watchers doesn't have them. But Dotti's DOES! Gotta love Dotti.

Not that writing this makes me want to stop gnawing my fingers off...


So my mom is on her happy way to Baltimore to visit my sister and her brood (she has 4 kids and a husband, so yeah, brood) and I am left childcare-less until my mother-in-law arrives in a couple hours. Needless to say I haven't been able to actually WORK today. So I decided to clean the house in anticipation of the mother-in-law and oh by the way did I mention her twin sister is coming tomorrow and they're both staying until next Tues?

I vacuum... and then remember my hubby wanted to vacuum the sofa and rotate the cushions. So heck, I say, I can do that now. And the cushions also need to be wiped off because don't you know Alex is cutting another tooth on top of allergies and the clear snot running out of his nose (kind of like the water spouting from the wall this past weekend) just has to be smeared mercilessly over every surface of furniture. The good thing about our furniture is that we got it treated with stuff when we bought it that protects it from pet, food and human (ewww!) stains. So that wiped off fairly well.

BUT - the stuff I found IN the sofa... that was GROSS. I found raisins of plenty - of which Alex snagged one before I could stop him - another gross. I found goldfish. I found little plastic firemen from Brandon's firestation and little parts for the firetruck. I found matchbox cars. I found a train. And wait for it... I found a used nursing pad tucked way down deep. Are you kidding me? I haven't nursed Alex in 5 months and I haven't worn a nursing pad in I don't even want to say how long. Blech. I'm surprised we didn't have creatures lurking in there too. If you're not family and you have sat on my sofa recently, I apologize profusely for the clear and present danger you put yourself in.

Anyways - here are my kids trying so hard to "help" me with the sofa.



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Monday, April 20, 2009

The Sink Saga Continues

So this is written by my husband to his friend this afternoon. A friend who asked what happened over the weekend. He linked my previous blog post for "part 1" and then continued with this.

So Sunday morning, I go to check to make sure the pipe coming out of the top of the T joint does in fact go to the kid's bath/shower. Turn it on, hot water comes out. Hmm. I check all the rest of the hot water in the house, all of it is working fine. No idea where this pipe goes. We speculate later that maybe the otherwise worthless section of vertical pipe is being used as some kind of water hammer suppressor. Who knows.

I cut the cap off, and install an elbow bracket and another short length of 1/2" pipe into the cabinet. Then I install the new compression-ring mounted valve. All seems fine. I try to take the cold-water valve off (the otherwise functioning but also corroded valve) and I can get the nut off but can't slide the ferrule off (and thus the nut is stuck on too). Grr. I use the old ferrule and nut to mount a new valve. All seems fine. I check a few hours later (after PVC welding is done) and notice that BOTH valves are dripping. Drip...... drip.... drip..... ARGH. We still try to turn on the water main and the drip turns in to a steady stream. Super irritated, I pull both valves off, go to the store and get new valves with a section of PVC inside that you can chemo-weld onto the pipe. And a ferrule puller, so I can get the compression valve parts off. I manage to pull off the ferrule for the new valve but not the old one. Luckily, there's enough room on this side of the ferrule to install the PVC weld valve. Install both. All seems fine. We start the two hour countdown until we can put the water main back on. I put the new sink and faucets into place, which takes like 30 minutes (most of which is caulking the sink, and then scraping the crap-ton of caulk off the counter that squooshed everywhere while the sink was getting set).

We take the boys out back to play, figuring that in a couple of hours we can run them a hot bath and clean them up. Fun is finally had, although strangely every time I kick the boys new giant bouncy-balls up in the air it lands smack on one of their heads. Two hour time limit elapses and I go in to check on the valve and prepare for turning the water main back on again. Hot water valve is STILL dripping. WTF. It's a chemical weld! Did I give it an extra twist after it had started to set and cracked the bond? So I have Colleen turn on the water main anyway, to see if the leak is slow enough that we can at least give the boys a bath and get showers (finally). The drip turns into a steady stream, and, frustrated, I try to squeeze the valve farther onto the pipe to limit the leak. Snap. FOOOOOOSHHH. Second ad-hoc hot shower in two days. Colleen shuts the water back off, and I dig around for our last remaining dry towel in the boys bathroom (and we keep like 20 in there).

I'm soaked, so Colleen goes (fuming from frustration) off to the store for another couple of valves. (We buy two because the store closes soon and hey, we've needed multiple quantities of everything else we bought this weekend.) I cut the crapped-up section of pipe off, install a coupler and a new section of pipe, ready for a new valve. She comes back with the parts, then grabs the boys to take them to her mom and dads 15 minutes away for quick bath (since it's now 7:40). I install the new valve, install the pipes for the faucets, start another two hour countdown, and then go out to make us some sandwiches for dinner. But... there's no bread in the house. Yeah...

Two hours later, the boys are in bed and we try the water again. It holds. OMG finally. We try to connect the trap on the sink, and it doesn't reach the drain valve. :| So I tug hard on the drain pipe to draw it enough out of the wall, then quickly screw it into place. I tell Colleen that we've got a 1% daily cumulative chance for failure on the sink drain, and then I finally a glass of water and a shower.


Of course we didn't have bread in the house for freaking peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. OF COURSE! So I had to use the last bit of our bottled water to make some spaghetti.

I got very little done this weekend around the house. Can you imagine? And today, oh today, I have done 6 loads of laundry already. Not only was I planning to wash all the bed linens yesterday (including the two guest futons which will be put back in use by new guests this coming weekend) but I have the bath mats and every freaking towel we own to wash too. Hubby wasn't kidding that we used every towel, even three of the kiddos hooded towels. And yes, we have like 20 towels. I have three more loads left to do. Good times. Good times.

Do you have any idea how good that hot shower was at 10pm last night?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Bathroom Sink

Brandon has been fascinated with filling up the sink with water while he washes his hands despite my best efforts to get him not to pull the lever up and slam it back down again. Yesterday he broke it.

Today I went to my favorite Home Depot and was going to pick up the replacement part... until I decided that we need to replace the faucets in there anyways so let's do that instead of just a stop-gap fix. I buy a new facet, and what the hell, a new sink because that needed to be replaced too, it was rusted and cracked, and I head home quite excited about my new project.

I get to work at 6:30pm and run in to a snag when I can not turn the corroded nuts on the valves to remove the copper pipes attached to the old facet. I call my husband in to use his manly power to unscrew these bolts for me. And the PVC pipe snaps, like a carrot, inside the wall... behind the valve... spraying HOT water everywhere. He runs out to turn off the water main and I get scalded trying to catch the hot water in a bucket. Are you laughing yet?

I head back to Home Depot to buy new PVC pipe, some couplings, new valves, a small hacksaw and a pipe cutter. I spend another $50. Now Joby (hey that's my husband) has to cut a hole in the wall to expose the pipe. And guess what? It's not an elbow coupling. It's a freaking T-coupling and we don't have that. And it's 8:15pm and Home Depot closes at 9pm. And where the hell does that other pipe go... the one that goes up to no where? We decide to cap the line tonight and deal with it in the morning because this bathroom just happens to share a wall with Alex's room (the 17th month old).

Joby drops the pipe cap in to the wall as he's trying to fit it on.

It's ok. I bought 3 caps just in case.

Later he dropped another one in too. This suckers are tiny. The hole in the wall is small. The hole in the wall needs to be cut bigger.

Cutting deeper leads to a discovery that whoever installed the damn thing did a hack job. There is electrical tape, no joke, and some crazy globs of glue fitting two different size pipes together. That now needs to be corrected in order to fix the T-coupling, in order to fix the valve, in order to put the new facet on the new sink so that my son can fill it with water when he washes his hands and probably break the new one in a matter of months.

Did I mention my husband is a self-proclaimed compulsive hand washer and we don't have running water in the house and he has been working with rusty pipes, wet drywall dust/mud and now can't wash his hands? But wait - that stock of hurricane water in the garage has proven useful for something at the very least.

Did you know it takes two hours for the PVC Cement to dry on the cap? We can't turn the water on until almost midnight.

And Alex is asleep in our bedroom in the pack-n-play until we put the water back on and determine that the cap will hold overnight.

We were supposed to play Rock Band tonight before the UFC MMA fight. That didn't happen. We did just watch Liddel get handed a loss though. Good stuff.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Ritz Camera Ridiculousness

So the other day I uploaded a ton of kid photos to Ritz Pix online to print and pick up at the Ritz Camera at our local mall. I also uploaded a photo from our honeymoon of the Pacific Ocean, as seen from our over-water bungalow in Tahiti. My intent was to get the honeymoon photo blown up and printed as 16x20. I ordered my 4x6 prints and my Glossy Lustre 16x10 and waited for my "your order is printed" email.

When I got to the store I waited at the counter several minutes while the clerk, who was busy with a machine, and apparently unable to speak "I'll be with you in just a minute," purposely didn't look at me. And then the phone on the counter (next to me) rang. And the guy jumped up, immediately, and answered it. So I looked at my mother-in-law and said "So glad to know the people on the phone matter more than the people standing right in front of you." That made the guy get off the phone - and by the way, it wasn't a customer on the other end. It was someone he knew.

The guy gets my order out, clearly annoyed at me - he wouldn't look directly at me, and I begin taking them out to make sure they were correct. I unrolled my 16x20 and it's on poster paper. Not matte photo paper, but poster paper. And the quality sucks. So I check my order label and yes, it's supposed to be Glossy Lustre. SEE?! RIGHT THERE. His response was "We don't stock that glossy paper anymore, the website is wrong, they have to fix it." Like that is my problem? He could have CALLED ME BEFORE printing the order for crying out loud. FAIL #1. I asked if I could get it printed on glossy at corporate and have it shipped to me instead. No. They don't stock glossy paper anymore. Didn't he just say that?! He offers to sell me the print at a discount to "make up for it" and I ask "How much of a discount?" He says "What is fair to you?" FAIL #2.

Me: "50%"
Him: "Oh, no - 50% is breaking even for us, I can't do less than 30%." FAIL #3
Me: "Well, you can break even or you can lose money. I'm willing to leave it, this is not what I wanted."
Him: "OH... ok I can do 50%."

I begin to look at my other photos and find my spring photo cards (of which I printed 40 copies) have a decidedly green tint to the entire print. So I pull out the original photos and compare them to the Photoshopped card I created. My children's faces are green in the composite. I mention this to the guy and this is what happened.

Him: "Oh our printer auto corrects the color. 99% of the time it's correct."
Me: "This is not that 99% of the time."

So he decided to print me a copy without the color correction and show me so I could decide which was better. Guess what?! The original was better. Then I got a 10 minute explanation about how there are twice as many more green receptors in the eye than any other color and that I should just calibrate my monitor at home to the printer settings to ensure exact color matching, etc, etc. I understand he's correct BUT, I printed each of the photos I used for the composite and neither of those images had a green cast to them. Neither. I later Googled this whole green receptor thing and amazingly, he's wrong. It's Red. RED.

And so he started to re-print my cards... and I waited. And waited, and waited. After 15 minutes I politely asked how much longer it would be so I could plan taking my 17 month old home to bed (it was 7:15pm when I asked). He frantically, and rudely told me that he now had to mix more solution for the printer and it'd maybe 15-20 more minutes. None of this is my fault by the way. He also sent another clerk to deal with me. Seriously?

Anyways - when it was all said and done he told me that he wasn't going to charge me for re-do as a courtesy to me. No crap dude. The original run was wrong.

I expected more from Ritz. I get my photos printed there because they do matte 4x6 prints in an hour, the quality is way better and it's just a nice store. I want to continue using them but I won't be picking them up at the mall any time soon. Luckily we have another branch not that much farther away. I hate being lied to and made to feel like I'm putting them out for doing the job correctly.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What am I doing?

What the hell am I doing starting another blog about being a mom, trying to lose weight, trying to work from home, and trying to feel normal when there thousands of blogs on the same subjects? Maybe because I read these blogs and think "hell yeah! that's what I'm talking about." But wait, I'm not talking. Until now anyways.

I have a ton of crap going on in my head right now.

I'm a mother to two amazing, wonderful boys; my Bug and my Bear. I finally got another job, after 6 months. It's a work from home job doing marketing. LOVE IT. I still send the kids to my mom's three days a week (more on that later) and then pre-school for the mornings the other two days. Seriously, have you tried to work with a 3 year old and a 1 year old underfoot? They ignore me until the phone rings. They play nicely until I have an email to send. You get it, right?

I am trying to lose 30-40 pounds. Yeah. That's embarrassing to write down actually. And I'm struggling. Yesterday I signed up for Weight Watchers online. I did the program 7 years ago to drop 25 pounds before my wedding. I kept that off for years until... I GOT PREGNANT. Hello? Anyone out there hearing the bells ringing? I swore I'd never be that person who didn't lose the weight. Ha. My mother always told me not to swear... Anyways I signed up for Weight Watchers because I need accountability. I'm an emotional eater. That whole STRESSED is DESSERTS backwards thing. Comfort food is my friend (vice) and for the longest time last year I was an emotional roller-coaster. You must be able to imagine what that did for my middle section. But I'm also fairly practical. I get so many POINTS (have to capitalize or WW-Big Brother might get mad) and if I eat them all in one icecream cone, then I'm screwed. So now I am back to outsmarting myself. What can I eat to feel full and still get something sweet, and not spend very many POINTS? It's ridiculous. I'm obsessing about food again but I'm choosing to think of this being in the positive direction.

I also need a place to bitch about politics, injustices, friendship, my attempt to be more Zen... a place to unload. I never had a diary as a kid. But as a kid I never had so much stress as I do now. Most of it's good stress. Most of it. I'm pretty lucky actually. I have the greatest friends and family ever. It's me who gets carried away and messed up.

My husband is the one who came up with the word "messponential." He used it to describe the potential for a child's toy to create a mess in a minuscule amount of time. You know, that box of legos. That other box of Hot Wheel cars... those wooden puzzles with the foot killing little pegs on all the pieces? Those toys that just explode from the cute little cubby holes you just effing put them back away in to? I don't really bother cleaning the playroom that often anymore. What's the point?

So the mess potential is exponential... and in more ways than the disaster of my Bug and Bear's playroom. Let's see how it goes from here.

Have you ever heard the song 2am by Anna Nalick? "These words are my diary screaming outloud... and I know that you'll use them however you want to."

Yeah, that's me. That's this. The rest is you.