Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Bathroom Sink

Brandon has been fascinated with filling up the sink with water while he washes his hands despite my best efforts to get him not to pull the lever up and slam it back down again. Yesterday he broke it.

Today I went to my favorite Home Depot and was going to pick up the replacement part... until I decided that we need to replace the faucets in there anyways so let's do that instead of just a stop-gap fix. I buy a new facet, and what the hell, a new sink because that needed to be replaced too, it was rusted and cracked, and I head home quite excited about my new project.

I get to work at 6:30pm and run in to a snag when I can not turn the corroded nuts on the valves to remove the copper pipes attached to the old facet. I call my husband in to use his manly power to unscrew these bolts for me. And the PVC pipe snaps, like a carrot, inside the wall... behind the valve... spraying HOT water everywhere. He runs out to turn off the water main and I get scalded trying to catch the hot water in a bucket. Are you laughing yet?

I head back to Home Depot to buy new PVC pipe, some couplings, new valves, a small hacksaw and a pipe cutter. I spend another $50. Now Joby (hey that's my husband) has to cut a hole in the wall to expose the pipe. And guess what? It's not an elbow coupling. It's a freaking T-coupling and we don't have that. And it's 8:15pm and Home Depot closes at 9pm. And where the hell does that other pipe go... the one that goes up to no where? We decide to cap the line tonight and deal with it in the morning because this bathroom just happens to share a wall with Alex's room (the 17th month old).

Joby drops the pipe cap in to the wall as he's trying to fit it on.

It's ok. I bought 3 caps just in case.

Later he dropped another one in too. This suckers are tiny. The hole in the wall is small. The hole in the wall needs to be cut bigger.

Cutting deeper leads to a discovery that whoever installed the damn thing did a hack job. There is electrical tape, no joke, and some crazy globs of glue fitting two different size pipes together. That now needs to be corrected in order to fix the T-coupling, in order to fix the valve, in order to put the new facet on the new sink so that my son can fill it with water when he washes his hands and probably break the new one in a matter of months.

Did I mention my husband is a self-proclaimed compulsive hand washer and we don't have running water in the house and he has been working with rusty pipes, wet drywall dust/mud and now can't wash his hands? But wait - that stock of hurricane water in the garage has proven useful for something at the very least.

Did you know it takes two hours for the PVC Cement to dry on the cap? We can't turn the water on until almost midnight.

And Alex is asleep in our bedroom in the pack-n-play until we put the water back on and determine that the cap will hold overnight.

We were supposed to play Rock Band tonight before the UFC MMA fight. That didn't happen. We did just watch Liddel get handed a loss though. Good stuff.