Friday, April 17, 2009

Ritz Camera Ridiculousness

So the other day I uploaded a ton of kid photos to Ritz Pix online to print and pick up at the Ritz Camera at our local mall. I also uploaded a photo from our honeymoon of the Pacific Ocean, as seen from our over-water bungalow in Tahiti. My intent was to get the honeymoon photo blown up and printed as 16x20. I ordered my 4x6 prints and my Glossy Lustre 16x10 and waited for my "your order is printed" email.

When I got to the store I waited at the counter several minutes while the clerk, who was busy with a machine, and apparently unable to speak "I'll be with you in just a minute," purposely didn't look at me. And then the phone on the counter (next to me) rang. And the guy jumped up, immediately, and answered it. So I looked at my mother-in-law and said "So glad to know the people on the phone matter more than the people standing right in front of you." That made the guy get off the phone - and by the way, it wasn't a customer on the other end. It was someone he knew.

The guy gets my order out, clearly annoyed at me - he wouldn't look directly at me, and I begin taking them out to make sure they were correct. I unrolled my 16x20 and it's on poster paper. Not matte photo paper, but poster paper. And the quality sucks. So I check my order label and yes, it's supposed to be Glossy Lustre. SEE?! RIGHT THERE. His response was "We don't stock that glossy paper anymore, the website is wrong, they have to fix it." Like that is my problem? He could have CALLED ME BEFORE printing the order for crying out loud. FAIL #1. I asked if I could get it printed on glossy at corporate and have it shipped to me instead. No. They don't stock glossy paper anymore. Didn't he just say that?! He offers to sell me the print at a discount to "make up for it" and I ask "How much of a discount?" He says "What is fair to you?" FAIL #2.

Me: "50%"
Him: "Oh, no - 50% is breaking even for us, I can't do less than 30%." FAIL #3
Me: "Well, you can break even or you can lose money. I'm willing to leave it, this is not what I wanted."
Him: "OH... ok I can do 50%."

I begin to look at my other photos and find my spring photo cards (of which I printed 40 copies) have a decidedly green tint to the entire print. So I pull out the original photos and compare them to the Photoshopped card I created. My children's faces are green in the composite. I mention this to the guy and this is what happened.

Him: "Oh our printer auto corrects the color. 99% of the time it's correct."
Me: "This is not that 99% of the time."

So he decided to print me a copy without the color correction and show me so I could decide which was better. Guess what?! The original was better. Then I got a 10 minute explanation about how there are twice as many more green receptors in the eye than any other color and that I should just calibrate my monitor at home to the printer settings to ensure exact color matching, etc, etc. I understand he's correct BUT, I printed each of the photos I used for the composite and neither of those images had a green cast to them. Neither. I later Googled this whole green receptor thing and amazingly, he's wrong. It's Red. RED.

And so he started to re-print my cards... and I waited. And waited, and waited. After 15 minutes I politely asked how much longer it would be so I could plan taking my 17 month old home to bed (it was 7:15pm when I asked). He frantically, and rudely told me that he now had to mix more solution for the printer and it'd maybe 15-20 more minutes. None of this is my fault by the way. He also sent another clerk to deal with me. Seriously?

Anyways - when it was all said and done he told me that he wasn't going to charge me for re-do as a courtesy to me. No crap dude. The original run was wrong.

I expected more from Ritz. I get my photos printed there because they do matte 4x6 prints in an hour, the quality is way better and it's just a nice store. I want to continue using them but I won't be picking them up at the mall any time soon. Luckily we have another branch not that much farther away. I hate being lied to and made to feel like I'm putting them out for doing the job correctly.