Monday, April 20, 2009

The Sink Saga Continues

So this is written by my husband to his friend this afternoon. A friend who asked what happened over the weekend. He linked my previous blog post for "part 1" and then continued with this.

So Sunday morning, I go to check to make sure the pipe coming out of the top of the T joint does in fact go to the kid's bath/shower. Turn it on, hot water comes out. Hmm. I check all the rest of the hot water in the house, all of it is working fine. No idea where this pipe goes. We speculate later that maybe the otherwise worthless section of vertical pipe is being used as some kind of water hammer suppressor. Who knows.

I cut the cap off, and install an elbow bracket and another short length of 1/2" pipe into the cabinet. Then I install the new compression-ring mounted valve. All seems fine. I try to take the cold-water valve off (the otherwise functioning but also corroded valve) and I can get the nut off but can't slide the ferrule off (and thus the nut is stuck on too). Grr. I use the old ferrule and nut to mount a new valve. All seems fine. I check a few hours later (after PVC welding is done) and notice that BOTH valves are dripping. Drip...... drip.... drip..... ARGH. We still try to turn on the water main and the drip turns in to a steady stream. Super irritated, I pull both valves off, go to the store and get new valves with a section of PVC inside that you can chemo-weld onto the pipe. And a ferrule puller, so I can get the compression valve parts off. I manage to pull off the ferrule for the new valve but not the old one. Luckily, there's enough room on this side of the ferrule to install the PVC weld valve. Install both. All seems fine. We start the two hour countdown until we can put the water main back on. I put the new sink and faucets into place, which takes like 30 minutes (most of which is caulking the sink, and then scraping the crap-ton of caulk off the counter that squooshed everywhere while the sink was getting set).

We take the boys out back to play, figuring that in a couple of hours we can run them a hot bath and clean them up. Fun is finally had, although strangely every time I kick the boys new giant bouncy-balls up in the air it lands smack on one of their heads. Two hour time limit elapses and I go in to check on the valve and prepare for turning the water main back on again. Hot water valve is STILL dripping. WTF. It's a chemical weld! Did I give it an extra twist after it had started to set and cracked the bond? So I have Colleen turn on the water main anyway, to see if the leak is slow enough that we can at least give the boys a bath and get showers (finally). The drip turns into a steady stream, and, frustrated, I try to squeeze the valve farther onto the pipe to limit the leak. Snap. FOOOOOOSHHH. Second ad-hoc hot shower in two days. Colleen shuts the water back off, and I dig around for our last remaining dry towel in the boys bathroom (and we keep like 20 in there).

I'm soaked, so Colleen goes (fuming from frustration) off to the store for another couple of valves. (We buy two because the store closes soon and hey, we've needed multiple quantities of everything else we bought this weekend.) I cut the crapped-up section of pipe off, install a coupler and a new section of pipe, ready for a new valve. She comes back with the parts, then grabs the boys to take them to her mom and dads 15 minutes away for quick bath (since it's now 7:40). I install the new valve, install the pipes for the faucets, start another two hour countdown, and then go out to make us some sandwiches for dinner. But... there's no bread in the house. Yeah...

Two hours later, the boys are in bed and we try the water again. It holds. OMG finally. We try to connect the trap on the sink, and it doesn't reach the drain valve. :| So I tug hard on the drain pipe to draw it enough out of the wall, then quickly screw it into place. I tell Colleen that we've got a 1% daily cumulative chance for failure on the sink drain, and then I finally a glass of water and a shower.


Of course we didn't have bread in the house for freaking peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. OF COURSE! So I had to use the last bit of our bottled water to make some spaghetti.

I got very little done this weekend around the house. Can you imagine? And today, oh today, I have done 6 loads of laundry already. Not only was I planning to wash all the bed linens yesterday (including the two guest futons which will be put back in use by new guests this coming weekend) but I have the bath mats and every freaking towel we own to wash too. Hubby wasn't kidding that we used every towel, even three of the kiddos hooded towels. And yes, we have like 20 towels. I have three more loads left to do. Good times. Good times.

Do you have any idea how good that hot shower was at 10pm last night?