Friday, April 24, 2009

You Didn't Contribute

Have you ever had someone tell you something about your child that you found downright rude?

A couple years ago my Bug Brandon was looking more like his Daddy than me. (Not so anymore.) And a quasi-friend of mine was remarking at the resemblance. Then she said "Oh well you didn't contribute at all." Now I am pretty sure she was just joking around but seriously? I DIDN'T CONTRIBUTE? From a women who has not yet borne a child I was like "I carried him for nine months, agonized when his twin died inside me, I contributed plenty chick-a-dee. I spent hours in Physical Therapy. I nursed him. I didn't sleep for him. Just because he doesn't look just like me doesn't mean I didn't contribute. To this day I really don't understand why this still bothers me. I mean seriously, who cares? She was kidding, I think, and I know what I did to bring him in to this world, given the stress of my first pregnancy. But Girl... that was wrong.

What about you? Has anyone ever mad an offhand comment to you about you or your child that just irritated the crap out of you?


simsim April 27, 2009 at 1:58 PM  

Quynh can't see us and go without telling Marc in a variety of ways "Are you sure that's your kid?" in reference to Lain. And it REALLY rubs Marc the wrong way..for so many reason :)