Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lacey Frills and Not-so Cheap Thrills

Ok - Girl Talk Thursday... Lingerie. Yikes. Totally outside my comfort zone to talk about my underwear.

I don't really own anything sexified. I don't really think I have the body to pull any of that off and since I'm not happy with my shape it's hard to feel good about myself in the skimpy.. That being said I do like colors. I have my basic white and beige bras but I like red and black and blue and pink and... well if I could have a bunch in a variety of fun colors, then cool. No lace on the bras though. Lace itches. I don't like lacey bras. And bras are EXPENSIVE. Even at Kohls and JCPenney.

Last Christmas my sweet hubby got me a very generous gift card to Victoria's Secret just so I could buy new underwear. My thongs up until then were completely worn out and, well, after two kids it was time for something new. So I spent my entire gift card on a slew of lacy and beautiful colorful thongs, and then spent another $80 on like 3 new bras. I loved that present. Honey you can do that again if you want. Especially after I lose this flab. :)

I am mostly a flannel jammie bottoms and tshirt or tank top kind of girl but I do like satiny pajamas too. The ones I own though don't fit me anymore and I'm reluctant to donate them because damn it I want to wear them again. I slept in them in Tahiti on our honeymoon and no, they are mine.

That's it. Enough about my underwear. Jeez.

Next week... my girl crush...hahahaha! Yeah, ok!


simsim May 9, 2009 at 5:55 PM  

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