Monday, May 18, 2009

Week End Amazing

Despite a craptacular week the weekend was great. Our good friends Jeff & Eryn came to visit us and it was a welcome break from the daily grind. Saturday we just chilled and then were joined by Patrick, Hyesung and Grace for some BBQ dinner and general catching up. I seriously love my friends.

Sunday we went to the Jacksonville Zoo. We have an annual pass and it's always a good time to go. I decided not to bring a stroller (which was not a good idea because it's a portable crap carrier when your child isn't in it) and just carried him on my back with the Ergo. (That thing is amazing. Seriously.) This time Alex really got in to it. He could see the animals better since he was up high on my back and delighted in making the animal noises he knows. We did let him run around at one point and now I know why parents put their kids on those leash backpack things. Alex didn't want to hold my hand and insisted on his own path. Later he really didn't want to be on my back again so everyone took turns carrying him around. (THANK YOU)

Anyways - here are some photos of my favorite men and our friends.





I'm so looking forward to June when they will be back and our friends from Portland will also be here.

In case y'all couldn't tell - my friends mean the world to me.
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averygoodyear May 27, 2009 at 6:15 PM  

The boys look adorable! I'd be happy if i were riding a zebra too though.