Friday, July 31, 2009


So the BlogHer conference was last weekend. I have to say I'm sort of glad it's over now too. I am new to the community of bloggers and I was totally unprepared for the energy the event created in the blogsphere. I never would have considered going this year. Next year, maybe. We'll see. It's in NYC and I love NYC but before I consider going to meet awesome people I haven't seen in real life yet, I'm going to make a trip to Denver to see my girl Vivien first. After that, we'll see.

The awesome part of the blogsphere last weekend was BlogHer@Home hosted by Nic and Jenn. I had no idea it would be as fun as it was to participate but it really was a blast. It's also been interesting to read about the drama and fun from ladies who went to Chicago. All that estrogen in one space - whoa. From what people reported, it sounds like some attendees shoved their class up their ass. I'm not sure how I would've responded to that kind of non-sense.

Anyways - while the Chicago BlogHer chicas were getting cool free stuff, Nic & Jenn put together a lot of giveaways for us at home too. And hot damn, I won a $50 Starbucks gift card from Ali! How freaking cool is that? It arrived in my mail box today, all shiny and red and waiting to be used. I'm totally saving it for our vacay in a few weeks so I have some yummy caffeination for the mornings when our kids are up super early after not going to bed until really late. (for the record I am expecting Bear to be sick at some point on the trip. It's apparently how he rolls as evidenced by last August's trip to the ER and this past January's ear infection while staying in a hotel for the first time. Can you tell I'm super excited by this? I am planning ahead on where the nearest pediatric ER or urgent care centers are gonna be. I figure if I plan for it it'll never happen, right? Time well spent, time well spent.)

Anyways - Thank you Nic and Jenn and of course, Ali for sponsoring my awesome prize!!