Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend Wonders

Here are a few random things that happened this weekend.

1. While grocery shopping this morning Bug was analyzing the juice display and pointed to a bottle of V8 and said "Mommy, I want to try that one." (omg! I thought! he sees the veggie pictures on it and still asked to try it!) I told him we had that at home already and we'd try it later. "OK!" Later, I busted it out and put a straw in the little metal can and he happily came over to take a sip. He got it in his mouth and immediately asked to spit it in to my hand. Then he started coughing. So I told him to go cough over the bathroom sink. So he went running with Bear following in his footsteps. And when he got to the sink, he threw up... his lunch... from 4 hours earlier. He never actually swallowed the V8 juice. The amount he put in his mouth was about the size of a nickel. My child will not eat vegetables. Bear's response? "Whoa."

2. At the gas station this morning a car pulled up at the pump diagonally across from me and I noticed an elderly man get out of the car smoking a cigarette. He proceeded to put the pump in his car, about to pump, and horrified, I said "you need to put the cigarette out before pumping gas!" He glanced over at me and said "I always put it out before I squeeze the handle." And I responded with "ok, that just kind of scared me." (HELLO!?) Well the driver door opens and out pops the crazy elderly wife. Who totally went off on me for telling her husband to put out his cigarette. So I responded with "Well, first of all, it's against the law, and second, my kids are in the car and I have a right to protect them, don't you think?" Well her response "I don't give a crap about your kids. My kids are all grown, I have nothing to worry about if something happens to me." Well on that note, since I was done, I got back in the car and drove off, not without giving her the finger inside my tinted-window car. Psychotic bitch.

3. The speed-limit on the road outside our neighborhood was increased to 45mph on Friday. Previously the speed limit was 30mph. Guess who got a speeding ticket last year for going 42mph in the 30mph section but who honestly thought the limit was 45mph because a little father up ahead it was 45mph. That would be ME. (I know I'm Captain Obvious, right?) So it was an extra kick in the ass because the road SHOULD have been 45mph and obviously the city thought so too. A year too late for me. Damn.