Friday, August 14, 2009

Road Trip Day 1

Thursday was the first day of our road trip vacation to Maryland. We left our house at 8:00am, half an hour later than I set out to start but... that wasn't bad considering we never leave the house on time.

The kids were great in the morning and for the most part through lunch. We had to stop twice before lunch. Once for Bug to pee and then 30 minutes later after he frantically said "I have to poop now!" (Good God there was an exit less than one mile from where he said that!) I have to say I was a bit dismayed that when we stopped the first time I found out Bug had had a tiny little quarter sized accident. Not really a big deal but I gave him new Bumblebee Transformer Robot underwear and we had this discussion about how we wouldn't leak any pee on his favorite robot. Fail. I tried.

At lunch we stopped at our favorite road trip restaurant... say it with me, Cracker Barrel. The server was horrible. And by horrible I mean ABSENT. The hostess happened by our table 15 minutes after we were seated and, after seeing we didn't have drinks, said "your server has been by, right?" NO. Meanwhile my kids both were breaking the golf tees in that triangular wooden puzzle thing. The hostess ended up taking care of us the entire meal and the manager comped my meal for the lack of service. (I did not ask him to do that.) At the end of the meal I made sure to hand a cash tip to the hostess and left a big fat ZERO on the credit card slip so that the server assigned to the bar code on the ticket, who was SUPPOSED to be covering our table, got NOTHING. (and yes, I checked, she would have gotten the tip if I hadn't done it like that.)

The afternoon was a little more tenuous. Bear didn't want to nap because he couldn't roll over and sleep on his stomach. He kept pulling at the straps on his car seat and crying out "I stuck! I stuck!" It was pathetic. Eventually he nodded off and slept for an hour. When he woke up he wanted to snuggle me and kept yelling "MIMI!" (He calls me Mimi, not Mommy.) "Mimi! I STUUUUCK!" It was again, pathetic and I swear if I had still been breastfeeding I would have sprayed milk all over the steering wheel from the physiological stress that put on my body. I felt bad for him but I also laughed a lot. Poor dude.

It rained on and off the entire drive. Mostly on. Always annoying.

You can imagine that once we arrived at the hotel (to which Bug asked ALL DAY "Are we near the hotel yet?") the kids were cooped-up-crazy and ran laps around our hotel room until they were sweaty in less than 5 minutes. Now they are relatively settled. Bug actually told us he wanted to go to bed at 9pm and Bear has proved a little more stressed out and has wanted us to lay next to his pack-n-play by the bed. I tagged out with the hubs a little while ago and can now hear all three of my men snoring away. It's too cute.

The last time we stayed in a hotel back in January Bear ended up with a raging ear infection and wouldn't sleep anywhere but on me.

The last time we went to Maryland last August Bear ended up in the ER with a fever of 103.2 and of unknown origin.

The minivan I rented came with a built in DVD system. I am in love with this minivan. We are seriously considering a minivan now. Never thought I'd say that one.

And finally: All you wild-driving-fool-ass-people going through Virginia, DC and Maryland tomorrow, stay home. I don't need you to kiss the bumper on the back of my car when I'm going 80mph in the rain. I don't need you swerving in and out of traffic. Go away. Hey you 18-wheeler-beating-the-clock-distance-requirement drivers, you do not drive corvettes and your trailers do not look like fun rides when they fishy-tail after you've dodged and darted and bullied your way in to spaces originally not big enough for you. So, like, take a chill. Please.


Diane August 14, 2009 at 11:15 AM  

Vio used to call me "Mimi" too! I loved that so much.

Ange August 14, 2009 at 10:51 PM  

"I stuck! I stuck!" Is it wrong that I giggled at the cuteness? :) (Suppose it's a different story when it's actually happening to you, but for now, I'm rolling around in the cute!)