Thursday, December 31, 2009

Post #110 to close out the year

I started this blog on April 15th this year. It's 8 and a 1/2 months old. Still a baby. And I'm still so new to this blog world. I can't tell you that I always know what I'm doing, or saying, or thinking here. But I can tell you that having this outlet, having this space, has helped me more than I ever thought possible this year.

I can also tell you that I am so very thankful for all of you who read this (real life or not), who comment, who have friended me on Twitter (and Facebook) and who have shown me love and support. In my moments of doubt, self-consciousness and loathing, you helped lift me, and through that I have found even footing again.

May your thoughts be positive.
May your eyes shine with light.
May your ears be filled with laughter.
May your words speak peace.
May your heart be filled with love.
And may your life be filled with joy.

These things I wish to you in the new year.

My best to you all, always.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

‘Tis the night before Christmas as I sit here and ponder
how my memories of this year couldn’t be fonder.

We rung in the New Year in middle-aged style:
Hubs awoke me with one minute left on the dial.

Enough sleep, at the time, was still far out of sight
but -finally- Bear learned how to sleep through the night.

A month later Hubs found a new place to work.
No more cubical farms was just one of the perks.

Next on the work front, I got a new gig
working from home, doing something I dig.

Bug has grown into such a sweet boy.
He is all things Transformers and robots for toys.

He can count, he can spell, he can add and subtract.
Brains is never something that he’s lacked.

Bug will be four in just a few weeks.
I swear it’s giving my hair new grey streaks.

Bear, our rough and tumbly son,
turned two in November, and goes through life at a run.

His language skills have launched in to turbo-charged gear,
and each day his chatter is happy to hear.

He plays hard but loves hard in fiery fashion.
I don’t think he’ll ever live life without passion.

Overall this 2009 year has been great.
We’ve traveled and grown, and even had dates.

But without you, our dear friends and our family,
our life would be full, but not nearly so merry.

So cheers to the old year and peace in the new.
We wish you good fortune in all that you do.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Embarrassing Moments

It's been a little while since I posted for Girl Talk Thursday on MY blog. I hosted a couple weeks ago but beyond that, I'm a bad poster lately.

But today? Today I will share a couple embarrassing moments.

The first that I can think of was one of the paragraphs in my GTT host-post. Imagine being in middle school and having a friend, whom you idolized, pass you a note in the hallway, and wait with her friends as you read "we're not friends like you think we are." And then imagine everyone laughing at you. Yup. Embarrassing.

The second was in high school when we were eating lunch outside at the picnic table and a lovely bird decided to poop on me. ON. MY. HAIR. I had to wash my hair in the bathroom sink, with hand soap, because the school nurse had nothing, nor did anyone think I should be allowed to call my mom for help or anything. It was horrible. It stunk. Everyone at lunch with me saw it, laughed about it, etc.

Later in my life, while at work, I was talking to a co-worker and drinking a diet coke while lounging back in my chair at my desk. I decided to lean forward and put my drink can on my desk but I mis-judged my distance (I know, how far is it, right?) and timing (seriously) and missed the edge of my desk with my drink. And since I wasn't looking at my hand or the desk or my drink, I pitched forward, dropped my drink and banged my chin on the desk as I completely fell forward out of my chair. Grace was somehow lost on me. Luckily I thought it was hysterical and while I was mortified my co-worker witnessed this, it was just too funny to worry about.

The best embarrassing story though I will share actually didn't happen to me. It happened to another co-worker at the same job. He talked to his wife several times a day and one time got confused about who he was leaving a message for on the phone. See, he was leaving a message for the Marketing/Graphic Design guru at our company. I think it was in regards to some trade show trip they were going on. But he ended the call "OK thanks. Love ya, Bye." You know, like he says to his wife when he got off the phone with her. My office was next door to him and I heard it. He walked slowly out of his office, his face the color of a beet, hands up to his cheeks and said "oh my God I just said "Ok thanks. Love ya, Bye" to John on voicemail." He laughed so hard he cried. And so did we. John, of course, we really good natured about the whole thing, only saying "Hey Mark! Didn't know you cared!" It was the running joke of the office for quite a while.

So? What have you been embarrassed about?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Good News, Bad News

So, I feel like I'm barely keeping my head above water. It's the time of year, I know. It's two kids. It's a full time job. It's all of the above. I'm very, very lucky and thankful for the good things in my life. But here's a brief on the good and the bad.

Good News: Bear is feeling much better.
Bad News: Bear was in the ER twice over the weekend with croup. Croup sucks. Croup sucks bad.

Good News: The Christmas cards are designed and printed. The Christmas letter is written and printed. The envelopes are address and stuffed. They are ready to go.
Bad News: I have three papercuts and no idea when I will go to the post office to mail them. (HOPEFULLY TOMORROW!) Also? I haven't had any time to tweet because I am consumed by all things holiday related.

Good News: I have actually lost another pound in the midst of this chaotic holiday season.
Bad News: I am a terrible Hawt Mama who has been completely overwhelmed with life and have had no time to get online and post. The thought of it stresses me out completely because I usually don't do well with exercise and diet this time of year and talking about it absolutely freaks me out.

Good News: I recently got two bloggy awards and I love my friends dearly for giving them to me.
Bad News: I haven't been able to write my responses and share the love yet. Soon. I promise.

Good News: I found a pair of black slacks in my closet that fit me again and that I can wear to my cousin's wedding in a couple weeks. Now I only have to buy a nice warm top to go with them. Score.
Bad News: I also found my winter running pants and I think that means I have to go exercise again. (sub-Good News: I found an awesome new training route for me and Meredith for the River Run training program. sub-Bad News: We actually have to start training.)

So I have been absent from my social media spaces and it's killing me. I MISS you all and hope to be back in the swing of things soon.

Peace, Love and everything in between.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Looking for Signs

I was listening to public radio this morning and I'm not sure if it was a local segment or an NPR segment. But the story was about a farmer who reported a cow was born with a perfect cross on its forehead and that the children named it Moses. There was even a joke about it being a "Holy Cow." (insert groan) The farmer is reported to have said "He believes it is a sign from God but isn't sure yet what that sign means."


I am so tired of hearing these stories. Why are people so busy looking for God in burnt toast or cheetos, on cow foreheads and other ridiculous places?

If you believe in God, look around you. Look at the trees outside, the grass, the flowers the bloom in spring. Watch a sunrise or sunset. Turn off your TV, open your windows and listen to the wind blow and the animals chatter. Look at your parents, look at your children, think of all your loved ones. Appreciate what is around you, the beauty of the world and life that we take for granted. If you have faith, then God is in those things every day and you don't need random pieces of food or natural genetic markings to prove the existence of something you already believe. The people who don't have faith like you, well, they see food. Or spots.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Highlights from my week

This hasn't been the greatest week.

Thursday afternoon Bug knocked Bear over in a wrestling match which resulted in Bear banging his cheekbone on the corner of the coffee table. Commence bruise. This was after we made a trip to the pediatrician (have I mentioned I LOVE our pediatrician who came in to see us on her day OFF. I seriously adore this woman) because Bear was pointing to his ear all day saying "Owie" and he'd also told his teachers at school the same thing. No ear infection, as I suspected, but we discovered that Bug's ear infection from the week before (with the bulging ear drum) hadn't fully healed and was still infected, commencing a second round of antibiotics for him.

Friday Bug and Bear are wrestling again and mere minutes after telling Bug not to push his brother, I hear Bear crying and turn to see Bug standing over him. I ask Bug "Did you push your brother again?!" And he calmly looked me in the eye, stared me down, and responded, "No Mommy. He fell off my hand." My immediate response was to clap my hand over my mouth in horror and hysterics as I desperately tried not to laugh out loud and give him the advantage in our standoff. I calmly sent him to his room to think about his behavior, made sure Bear was ok (all is better when you had that child a cup of milk), and proceeded to call my mom, Hubs' mom, my sister, and IM my friends, and update my Facebook status to tell everyone exactly how my son just tried to outsmart me. I. AM. DOOMED.

Saturday my beloved Florida Gators sadly lost the SEC Championship game. It was like they didn't even show up for the game. They were there, but not playing their hearts out. The coaching was awful, the execution was awful. I love my Gators but the best team on the field won yesterday and sadly it wasn't us. I actually hated being #1 all season. I knew early on that most teams who start #1 don't stay #1 all season through the bowl games. Here's hoping Alabama crushes Texas in the National title game and keeps the title in the SEC, where it belongs.

Today, well today was not exactly a day of tranquility for Bear. It started with him having two poopy diapers that were bright green. Green like the color of the frosting on the cupcakes at the birthday party we went to yesterday. His tummy was rumbly. Later he got his palm pinched in bi-folding closet doors (his own doing as he tried to close them). But pinched badly enough to leave a red, swollen bruise line across his palm heel. Commence tears. Later he was walking around me. I thought he was going to go one way, he went another. My sidestep the wrong way caused him to knock his head in the corner of a bar stool. More tears. An hour or so after that we were out to lunch and as I was buckling him in to his high chair he wiggled forward and his belly skin got clipped in to the strap. Alligator tears. (I feel beyond horrible about this.) After his nap he whines and clings to me and suddenly I hear a blast of poop. He cries. So do I. We go change his diaper and I find diarrhea and a bunch of clumps of clay like stuff. Hubs comes to help me so I can examine his poop. It's Playdoh. Green Playdoh from the birthday party, not green icing, causing green, runny poop. Joyous. As I make the kids dinner Bear climbs up on a kitchen chair and then manages to tumble backwards landing flat on his back on the tile floor. Big fat tears with silent crying until he manages to breathe and then wail. It is not a good day. 30 minutes after we put him to bed he starts to cry. I went in and rocked him for a while, holding him tight against my shoulder as I cried. I whispered over and over again to him "I love you." And right before I put him back in bed he whispered it back, "Ah-vaio Mimi." I needed to hear that.