Thursday, December 17, 2009

Embarrassing Moments

It's been a little while since I posted for Girl Talk Thursday on MY blog. I hosted a couple weeks ago but beyond that, I'm a bad poster lately.

But today? Today I will share a couple embarrassing moments.

The first that I can think of was one of the paragraphs in my GTT host-post. Imagine being in middle school and having a friend, whom you idolized, pass you a note in the hallway, and wait with her friends as you read "we're not friends like you think we are." And then imagine everyone laughing at you. Yup. Embarrassing.

The second was in high school when we were eating lunch outside at the picnic table and a lovely bird decided to poop on me. ON. MY. HAIR. I had to wash my hair in the bathroom sink, with hand soap, because the school nurse had nothing, nor did anyone think I should be allowed to call my mom for help or anything. It was horrible. It stunk. Everyone at lunch with me saw it, laughed about it, etc.

Later in my life, while at work, I was talking to a co-worker and drinking a diet coke while lounging back in my chair at my desk. I decided to lean forward and put my drink can on my desk but I mis-judged my distance (I know, how far is it, right?) and timing (seriously) and missed the edge of my desk with my drink. And since I wasn't looking at my hand or the desk or my drink, I pitched forward, dropped my drink and banged my chin on the desk as I completely fell forward out of my chair. Grace was somehow lost on me. Luckily I thought it was hysterical and while I was mortified my co-worker witnessed this, it was just too funny to worry about.

The best embarrassing story though I will share actually didn't happen to me. It happened to another co-worker at the same job. He talked to his wife several times a day and one time got confused about who he was leaving a message for on the phone. See, he was leaving a message for the Marketing/Graphic Design guru at our company. I think it was in regards to some trade show trip they were going on. But he ended the call "OK thanks. Love ya, Bye." You know, like he says to his wife when he got off the phone with her. My office was next door to him and I heard it. He walked slowly out of his office, his face the color of a beet, hands up to his cheeks and said "oh my God I just said "Ok thanks. Love ya, Bye" to John on voicemail." He laughed so hard he cried. And so did we. John, of course, we really good natured about the whole thing, only saying "Hey Mark! Didn't know you cared!" It was the running joke of the office for quite a while.

So? What have you been embarrassed about?