Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

‘Tis the night before Christmas as I sit here and ponder
how my memories of this year couldn’t be fonder.

We rung in the New Year in middle-aged style:
Hubs awoke me with one minute left on the dial.

Enough sleep, at the time, was still far out of sight
but -finally- Bear learned how to sleep through the night.

A month later Hubs found a new place to work.
No more cubical farms was just one of the perks.

Next on the work front, I got a new gig
working from home, doing something I dig.

Bug has grown into such a sweet boy.
He is all things Transformers and robots for toys.

He can count, he can spell, he can add and subtract.
Brains is never something that he’s lacked.

Bug will be four in just a few weeks.
I swear it’s giving my hair new grey streaks.

Bear, our rough and tumbly son,
turned two in November, and goes through life at a run.

His language skills have launched in to turbo-charged gear,
and each day his chatter is happy to hear.

He plays hard but loves hard in fiery fashion.
I don’t think he’ll ever live life without passion.

Overall this 2009 year has been great.
We’ve traveled and grown, and even had dates.

But without you, our dear friends and our family,
our life would be full, but not nearly so merry.

So cheers to the old year and peace in the new.
We wish you good fortune in all that you do.

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