Saturday, January 2, 2010

Things I learned on this last vacation...

So we ended the old year with a trip to Baltimore to visit family and attend a wedding. It was an awesome trip (really!!) but I did learn a few things along the way. In no particular order...

  • The entire family being sick while on vacation sucks. Two children and two adults in one double bed because the children feel like crap and want to snuggle? Is adorable, but also is crowded, uncomfortable and difficult to breathe when they lay directly on top of you and you already have a head cold. Eucalyptus oil was the single greatest extra little "just in case" thing I packed.

  • Always upgrade your hotel room whenever possible to a suite so you can put the kids to bed away from a sitting area and then you have space to relax. It's usually $20 more. And $20 is WORTH your sanity.

  • Dropping an iron on your foot accidentally never feels good. However it's worse when you have to cram your foot that evening in to a closed toe (haven't-been-worn-in-awhile) shoe with heels, chase after a 2 year old and then have said 2 year old think it'd be funny to stomp on that foot.

  • Winter clothes you buy in the stores in Florida are not adequate for the kind of cold you can experience while walking from a parking garage to the National Aquarium in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. This Florida girl and a 7 degree wind chill don't get along all that well.

  • The amount of stuff you have to bring for two boys to entertain them in a 13 hour car ride, turned 16.5 hour car ride (on the way up, thanks traffic), a wedding and a late reception is laughable. But? My kids were amazingly well-behaved and wonderful.

  • 97% of weddings occur on Saturdays. 2.5% occur on Friday or Sunday. The other .5% occur on other days of the week. If you are going to a wedding on one of those "other" days of the week it's very important to remember what day of the week it is (you know, while you're on vacation and supposed to be forgetting that). So when you leave for the wedding at 5:41 for a supposed 13 minute drive to the wedding that is starting at 6pm and hit rush hour traffic, you shouldn't be surprised to be late and have to sneak in past the wedding party to quickly get a seat before the mothers of the bride and groom are seated... P.S. I made those numbers up.

  • There is never a bad time for fuzzy socks, flannel jammies and a snuggie in the winter.

  • Wegmans is the best grocery store ever.

  • I am excited about buying a minivan some day. (yes, you read that correctly!)

  • My children absolutely LOVED playing in the snow and were not fazed by the cold.

  • My hair? Looks fantastic in cold weather.

    Happy New Year everyone!