Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Do you use privacy filters on Facebook? Do you accept friend requests but then compartmentalize them, these people being allowed to see your status updates, those people allowed to see photos, but not those over there?

I do. I use filters like a mo-fo.

I'm connected* on Facebook to some minors. Kids I babysat for in high school are now in high school (SOB) and have connected with me. Other current high schoolers have connected with me. I love it and I love to stay connected with them. But they don't need to see everything about me, every political opinion, link, etc. Not yet anyways.

*I should have added "Facebook Friends" to my list of Pet Peeves last week. I use this expression myself but I loathe it. If you are "Facebook Friends" with someone chances are you're friends with them also, so just say you connected with them on Facebook. Just a minor annoyance, I am not in the majority on this opinion.

I use filters to prevent some people, once thought close and wonderful friends, from seeing my links or family photos. I hide my contact info from others. If they need to get in touch with me they can message me on Facebook.

Most people see everything.

But I still feel the need to protect myself. 15 years ago I'd have said my life was an open book for all to read and discuss. Now? Now I am guarded. Now I lack the carefree trust that came with my youth. Now I look to protect my children, my family and my heart.

Are you active on Facebook? Do you trust everyone with everything you do in your space? Do you use privacy filters? Why? For what kinds of information?