Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Not-So-Secret Secret

Sometimes when I see the Girl Talk Thursday topics I wonder what the heck I am doing participating because I'm mortified beyond belief or have nothing to contribute. The latter was the case this week when I was reminded of the topic "Tell us your favorite 'beauty secret'."

Oh for heavens sake...

Runner Up Secret:
Hair Muds/Deep Conditioning Creams and an Air Rolling Brush Thingy.

I love my hair, it's fine but there is a massive amount of it. And every once in a while I use a deep conditioner or hair mud concoction to keep it sleek. I also avoid using a blow dryer (which results in me rocking a pony tail most days) but when I have to I use an all-in-one contraption that's hair dryer and curling brush in one. I am absolutely not coordinated enough to use both a hair dryer and traditional roll brush at the same time. So this contraption thing saves me a boat load of time, and I get volume and a soft curl under. Very nice.

# 1 Secret: Photoshop

Oh my favorite hobby has been useful for my self-image so many times. Every photo I publish of myself has most likely been retouched, color enhanced, cropped or something in Photoshop. I have terrible skin and am overweight, so I find myself touching up a lot of photos or cropping out my body. I know that people in real life don't get to see me retouched but I guess I'm vain about my digital appearance because that's a pretty easy, fast and simple fix to make. The real life stuff, well that's an on-going struggle of mine that's not beautiful and therefore, not a part of this post.

What's your "beauty secret"??