Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pet Peeves

Girl Talk Thursday!

This week it's Pet Peeves. Where to even begin...

  • Chewing with your mouth open and smacking your lips.
  • People who talk on their cell phones when they are checking out of a store. Put your phone down and be polite to the person ringing up your merchandise. You can call the person back.
  • The "Yell Phone." Volume control people. I know it's possible. And the rest of us do not want to hear about your business anyways.
  • Dry, peeling skin. I have to peel it. If it's flaky it drives me bat-shit crazy. I haven't been sunburned in very long time but wow, when that starts to peel I can spend a long time concentrating getting it all off.
  • Social Ladder Climbing. Basically, ass kissers. I hate it. I hate the people always looking to be in the know, to find the person who's going to give them a leg up all the time. The name dropping to get you in to another social circle. Stand on your own merits. It's about you, not who you know.
  • Underwear lines. I can't stand to see underwear lines.
  • I had this one boss who would constantly tuck her super short hair behind her ear. It was a nervous tick, I think, followed by an audible "um."
  • Reading over my shoulder, especially when I'm on my computer. I really have no idea what this bothers me but I can't stand it. I don't have a large required personal body space but maybe this falls in to the category of mental space? My laptop is space for my brain to learn, be challenged, let go, interact (yes, I know it's not the only place I can do these things, I'm not that socially challenged). On a related note: touching my computer screen. Please do not touch my computer screen or grab it, roughly angle it back or jerk it around. Thank you.
  • Loud chatting/play in the morning before I've had a chance to wake up. For heavens sake we don't have to start the day with an ear ache or bruises. Not before hot tea please.
  • People with a complete lack of awareness for others in the grocery store. The aisles are barely big enough to fit two carts down so please, unless you have grabby kids in the cart, don't park in the aisle, then become engrossed in your salad dressing selection that you forget you are not the only person in the store. But if you do, it's super awesome to just say "oh, I'm sorry!" and not act like I am evil for nicely saying "excuse me please" after waiting a few moments for you to see me.
  • Talking out of both sides of your mouth. I could write a whole post about this.

I could probably think of a few more, but these are the hottest ticket items in my brain today. Now it is time to open a bottle of wine and relax.