Thursday, February 25, 2010

Getting My Bitch On.

I love this week's Girl Talk Thursday topic. Bitch, let it out. We're here for you.


I've had a crummy week. Suffice it to say I got the nerve to talk to my boss about more $$$ and he did give me a raise. But it wasn't what I wanted, nor what I feel like I should be making given my skill set and responsibilities. So now instead of being proud that I asked, I am crushed and beyond irritated that I still feel undervalued. There's this saying that goes you can have something done quickly, with high quality and inexpensive but you only get to pick TWO. TWO of those. So if you want it done quickly with high quality, it ain't free. If you want it done for free with high quality, it's gonna take some time. You get the idea. You. CAN. NOT. HAVE IT ALL.

This lesson, of course, could be applied to so many other areas as well...

What the hell is up with four publication deadlines in ONE WEEK?

WHY, WHY, WHY won't my 4 year old stay in his bed at night? WHY does he have to come in at 2am? Then sleep on the floor and wake up repeatedly to crawl in to bed with me, whine, then squirm so much that even he realizes that he should sleep on the floor. WHY?

Do not talk on your cell phone when you are checking out of a store. It's RUDE. Don't do it. Tell the person you'll call them back in, like, 5 minutes or less. Smile and be nice to the person helping you. Be present and mindful of others.

I love my little blog here. I love my space. But I know that I am not original. I know that there are thousands of blogs just like mine out there. 99% of them are funnier, 99% of them have authors who write better than I do. It's cool. I'm not in competition from them and honestly, I love the people who follow me and converse with me and I don't need more, although I will welcome new friends any day. It's cool. I'm comfortable in this space. So I find it very amusing and positively IRRITATING when other bloggers and tweeters get up in arms about others "stealing their ideas" or "not getting credit for something" or "how come Ms. Big-Name-Blogger never comments on MY BLOG? I comment on hers all the time and it's not faaaaair." GET OVER YOURSELF. There are LOTS of people I'm following who don't follow me. Why on earth should I impose myself on them? Is there no free will anymore? Do you really think they have time to comment on every one of the hundreds of notes they get per post? So many of the big name bloggers are big name bloggers because they experienced personal tragedy and were brave enough to share their grief and stories with the rest of us. Do you want to become a big name blogger the same way? Show a little respect and find your own path. Everyone has a path to trod that is yours and yours alone. Embrace it.

So it's snowed a lot this year in places where we have family. It's cold here in Florida. It's cold in a lot of places. A week ago there was only ONE state in the US that didn't have snow in it in some part, Hawaii. It's COLD. So when people say "What Global Warming?!" it really pisses me off.

I know some people who are masters at speaking out of both sides of their mouths. What does that mean? A classic example that still makes me ill to this day: An acquaintance was once conversing with me when a friend of ours walked in with her baby. Immediately the person I was talking to whispered to me "isn't her baby so ugly?" And then, mere seconds later, walked right up to our friend and said "Oh I just love your baby. She's sooooo cute!" I was told this person "Wow, if you say that about people who think you are friends with them, what on earth are you saying about me?" She laughed and said "Oh I can be honest with you and I like you." BULLSHIT We're not friends anymore. Imagine that?

Someone got all Mac snobby on me last week. Someone who had no business talking to me about computers and software and what I could or could not do with my skill set. Stupid print vendor on a major high and mighty horse. You want a high-res PDF? A Tiff? It does not freaking matter AT ALL which type of computer it was designed on. And if you dare talk to me about your stupid design aesthetic and how it's so superior anymore I might just have to point to your design and tell you that the bad clip art hydrangea borders you put on EVERY page of your magazine makes me want to stick both my hands down my throat and vomit. Also? People who are snobby should not wear monochromatic gold clothing ensembles with an entire bottle of cheap, bad perfume to cover up the stench of your cigarette smoke and illegal eleventy-thousand number of cats you keep at your house. Nothing can cover that stench honey.

People who smoke around children, at the entrances of places I am going to enter and have no other course to take, who flick their cigarette butts out the windows of their cars, littering... what the heck is the matter with you? Ok I get that it's an addiction. I get it that it helps you relax. I get it. BUT - why the hell did you start when you KNOW it was bad for you. And stop smoking around kids. This makes me violent in my head. Stop forcing the rest of us to breathe in your second hand smoke. Stop abusing breaks at work. Also if you smoke and have a job that involves your hands being anywhere near my face (ie. hairdresser, dentist) or in my food, I want to punch you.

Is anyone still reading this post? I've pissed everyone off now, right? I'm sorry!


I just got warmed up too.

We should so have this topic again in a few months. I'm certain we'll all have more things to get off our chests soon.