Thursday, February 18, 2010

Give Us Gold

In a world where we create our own Olympic events, what event would you win Gold in?

Clearly all Gold medalists at the Olympic Games got to the podium through years of hard work, dedication, daily practice, and the help of a team of people, coaches, family, friends, supporting the athlete. It is no different in our house. We win Gold as a family in our special events. That's right everyone, we take Gold in TWO events around here.

Or maybe it'd be like a Biathlon Event. Two parts, one Gold? Hmmm... Two Golds sounds better. Let's go with that.

The first event is Laundry Piling. This involves washing and drying all your laundry, then dumping the clean clothes in to the empty spot on your bedroom floor. Next you proceed to choose your clothes each day from the clean pile, wear them and then put them, at the end of each day, in to the dirty laundry pile somewhere on the same floor, near the clean pile. The idea is to see how many free hangers you can have in your closet at the end of a four week cycle. (That's when you have to re-set the playing field and actually put things away.) The person or team with the most free hangers is declared the winner. This is such an easy Gold medal for our family. I really don't think anyone else out there can even come close to challenging us for the Gold.

The second event is Counter Clutter. This event involves finding every available inch of kitchen counter top space and putting something there. Never mind if there is a better "home" for the stuff, you might need to use it again in three months and it's just easier to find on the counter. Or is it? Again, I challenge any family out there to beat our Counter Clutter. Can't do it? Well then we'll just take the Gold there too thank you very much.

Have you read the title of my blog?