Monday, March 29, 2010

Mock Fighting

I last tested for rank in martial arts in 2004, a year before my Bug was born. It was a goal of mine to get my 2nd degree black belt in Cuong Nhu before I started having children. Today I happened to be backing up files on my hard drive to our server and I ran across this demo video of the applications to the katas I had to perform on the test. I performed 6 katas but only had to do applications to 4. (I also broke boards, wrote a paper, and gave a speech.) We shot the video several weeks before the test so we could all sit down and watch them and go over things that weren't working. My friend (and student - the really tall one) Jeff took all the short videos Hubs filmed and put this big video together with music.

I have to say that watching this demo today really got my fired up. I LOVE doing this stuff. LOVE IT. I have been teaching a children's class for the last two years and while that keeps me involved on a level, I miss the actual training and learning. You can't see some of the little things I did in the applications with this video because it's very low-res, but some of those chokes and in-between moves were awesome. (Sorry again Vivien! You bore the brunt of those!) Sometimes I watch things like this and think "holy crap look what I can do!"

The sad thing though is that after living in Jacksonville for 4 years I don't feel connected at all with the style, despite teaching it twice a week. So many things have led me farther and farther away from training on this path. I don't particularly want to start over in another style but I also don't want some petty, lying nonsense to be the end of my training. It would take a lot of things that are unlikely to happen in order for me to train there again. So I am stuck.

Maybe I should just have another baby and delay thinking about this for another couple years? How about that? :)