Thursday, May 20, 2010

Saving Time

Today's Girl Talk Thursday is about Saving Time. What do you do to cut corners?

I really have only one thing I do that saves me time and that is to prep everything for the next day the night before. I put out breakfast bowls, cereal boxes, my tea bag, Splenda packets, mug, fill the tea kettle so all I have to do it plug it in and turn it on. I set the silverware. I make lunches. I pick out my clothes. I pick out the kids' clothes. I set out shoes and socks. I sometimes will pack up the car, or at least make sure all the day bags are packed.

Honestly though? This is not necessarily about saving time. It's more about sleeping longer and operating as efficiently as possible while I'm in my grump mode, I mean early in the morning with morning children. The mornings after nights I don't prep everything? Not as good. (p.s. I'm also much happier to wake up to a clean kitchen then a dirty one.)

Beyond that, I've got nothing. I just do what I do to get through all the things that need to get done during the days. Hopefully others will post some words of wisdom that I might, ya know, use for my benefit. :)