Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

It's cold here in North Florida right now. It's 41 degrees and tonight it's going to drop in to the upper 20s. For this uprooted Buffalo chick turned Florida girl let's just say that 20's cold is just too cold for me. But instead of whining or complaining about it I'm going to be happy for some things instead.

  • Cold weather helps me get in to the holiday spirit. We're starting our store shopping this week (we've already shopped online) and it's much more fun when it's cold outside. Unfortunately this means Christmas Day will probably be 80 degrees. And that's just wrong. But instead of complaining about that I'll be happy that I have a 6 mile run scheduled for Christmas Day and I will not be worrying about freezing my tookus off for the first mile or two like I did on Monday when it was in the 30s and I ran 4 miles. So WIN-WIN!!

  • Cold weather means the boys get super rosy cheeks when they play outside and seriously cold noses and rosy cheeks on little kids is just adorable.

  • Hot chocolate.

  • Slippers and FUZZY socks.

  • Extra snuggles.

  • Needing my fleece blankets on the sofa because it's really cold and not just "air conditioning cold."

  • Frost on the roof tops and grass in the morning that makes the whole neighborhood glow a little.

  • The smell of fires burning in the hearth. (Not that we have a hearth anymore, nor that we ever used it to begin with.)

  • Having an excuse to wear my favorite sweatshirt of all time that Hubs absolutely hates because it's sort of ugly. I got it my Freshman year of high school when I still lived in New York. It still fits. It's worn and soft and awesome. And who isn't proud of the sport they played thier freshman year of High School? (You're not? Really?!) I mean, I got rid of my Varsity letter jacket and all but I saved this. This sweatshirt reminds me of my roots. It makes me happy. And everyone should have comfort clothing. Seriously.


So yeah. It's cold outside. It's all good.