Thursday, July 7, 2011


This morning as I drove home from dropping my boys off for their summer day camp I stopped for a red light and did what I normally do at red lights, I scanned the sky. Most days it looks the same, some beautiful shade of blue, a few clouds, mostly sunny; you know the sky. I mean everyone sees is (except blind people and I'm sorry about that) so no big deal right? Not today.

Today the sky was massive. More massive than I honestly can remember. The sheer magnitude was emphasized by the building clouds around my entire 360 degree skyline. It was layer upon layer, depth upon even deeper depths as the clouds billowed and curled towards the top of the bright, brilliant blue dome.

I felt a bit of vertigo as the light changed to green and I traveled further down the road that leads to my home. The moment was gone and the sky was back to just being the sky. But as I exhaled and drew breath again I was reminded of how small we all are, how we are all individually just specs of dried paint on a canvas. Sometimes our colors clash but that doesn't matter. What matters is when you step back and see with perspective, we are all part of a significantly beautiful landscape.

So today, at least while I remember this fleeting moment at a traffic light, I'm going to worry less about how I might (and do) clash with others, and focus more on how I can paint a better picture.

Today is going to be a great day.